Xbox One

The Xbox One is Microsoft’s latest development to succeed the Xbox 360, delivering next generation innovations in its gaming, entertainment and services.

Microsoft’s new and improved console brings together games, TV, sport, movies and music to produce an ‘all in one’ device to suit your every need. The sleek, black gaming console integrates three operating systems; the Kinect, Microsoft’s SmartGlass and Windows 8. The updated second generation Kinect is included within the Xbox One package consisting of a 1080p camera, Skype connectivity and rotational movement recognition. Through its improved accuracy the Kinect recognises both the movement of the user and their controller and can control the Xbox One through voice and gesture commands. The tablet-based Microsoft SmartGlass system will work in conjunction with the Xbox One to allow players to use their tablet to start single player games or set up multiplayer matches. The use of Windows 8 is most visibly present within the layout and app use of the console’s user interface.

With a new and improved technical spec, the Xbox One reflects that of a mini-PC rather than a gaming console boasting an impressive eight core processor and considerable storage capacity. Along with exciting graphs, other technical improvements to the console include a healthy selection of connection ports found on the rear of the console, Blue Ray disc compatibility and most excitingly live TV programming, allowing users to watch TV through an existing set-top box. The controller to the Xbox One has also undergone major innovations in order to become better than before. Greater precision and control is achieved through the updated directional pad, contours and thumb sticks and its lighter design provides increased comfort when holding the control. In order to create a more immersive gaming experience, Microsoft have included new vibrating impulse triggers on the control for precise fingertip feedback and automatic pairing with the Kinect to seamlessly sync players.

Not only this, the Xbox One features many more improvements from updating Xbox Live, the console’s gaming platform, to including console personalisation through the Kinect’s ability to recognise players and their voice.

All in all, the new Xbox One provides users with a revolutionary all-in-one game console design set to provide users with endless entertainment.