Why Choose a Smart Kettle for Your Home?

It has often been said that a watched pot never boils.  However, this is no longer a concern either way thanks to the modern “smart” kettle.  Such technology would have been considered the stuff of fiction only 20 years ago and yet, these appliances are now becoming an increasingly common part of our daily lives.  However, are these kettles truly as smart as they appear?  What functions and benefits can they offer?  Let us examine the basic principles behind these units so that these two questions can be answered with clarity.

The Wireless Edge

We should first mention that each manufacturer will provide its very own set of functions and options.  The main principle behind this technology is nonetheless the same.  Smart kettles are intended to be used in conjunction with a mobile phone app.  You can therefore control its settings and monitor the device even while away from the kitchen or even outside of the home.  This is a massive benefit if you are leading a busy schedule or are hoping to reduce energy costs over time.  Once the kettle is purchased, the app can be downloaded and installed in a matter of seconds.  It is quite user friendly, so even those with no previous experience will not encounter major problems.

Precise Temperature Controls

Whether you are a fan of coffee or not, you are likely aware that temperature makes a big difference in regards to taste and even nutritional content.  The same holds true for herbal teas and other infusions.  Another advantage of the modern smart kettle is that you will be provided with precise temperature controls.  There are also options to be alerted when the temperature of the water (or the total brewing time) reaches a specific limit.  The unit will then automatically turn off.  While beneficial for brewing that hot up of coffee, let’s not fail to mention that the ability to turn off a unit remotely is an excellent safety feature if you happen to have any children.

Dealing with Limescale

Limescale is your worst enemy in terms of a kettle.  Limescale is essentially mineral deposits that build up over time.  They can clog filters and affect the taste of the drink.  Unfortunately, this substance can be difficult to detect and even harder to clean if it is allowed to build up over time.  Many smart kettles have a built-in function which will alert the user when limescale is present.  Not only is this able to provide you with a tasty drink, but the lifespan of the entire unit can be increased substantially.

The Green Factor

Smart kettles offer a final benefit in terms of how much energy they will save over time.  Thanks to cutting-edge technology and more efficient heating elements, your overall levels of consumption will be reduced substantially.  This is an obvious benefit if you have been hoping to reduce your energy bills.  There may also be governmental incentives that could provide you with valuable cash-back options; a feature not to be overlooked.

What to Watch For

Some have complained that the prices of modern smart kettles is a bit high.  This this could be the case, you need to weigh such a factor against the money expected to be saved.  Also, look at what type of warranty is offered, as this tends to vary from provider to provider.  Are manual operations similar to those which are offered by a smartphone application?  Finally, what is the overall reputation of the manufacturer?  These are all important questions to address so that you can make the most appropriate choices.