What You Need to Know About the New iPad

Whether watching the latest film with friends while out and about or working from home as opposed to toiling away at the office, the fact of the matter is that the humble iPad represents what can only be called a technological revolution.  First introduced over a decade ago in partial response to the emergence of the Blackberry phone, the iPad has gone through some significant changes over the years.  What does the latest iteration have to offer and what are some of its main features?  Let’s take a closer look.

The Price

Unlike many of the other products offered by Apple, the new iteration is actually quite affordable.  However, do not mistake this amenity for a decrease in performance or processing power.  This unit can run all of the apps and APIs associated with previous versions, so it could be a welcome upgrade in the event that your existing iPad has seen better days.  The good news is that there do not seem to be any issues with the iOS 13 operating system, so compatibility should not represent a concern. 

The Use of a Keyboard

One of the main intentions of any iPad is to provide you with a means to communicate with others while not needing the presence of a keyboard.  However, there can still be times when a keyboard is preferable (for instance, if you are typing on a regular basis and are concerned about conserving the functionality of the touchscreen).  You will be pleased to learn that this latest version contains a smart keyboard connector.  

What About the Display Screen Size?

This new iteration boasts a screen of 10.2 inches.  Indeed, this is not much of an improvement when compared to the previous dimensions.  It is still important to remember that this is an iPad.  By it’s very nature, the size should be expected to remain within certain parameters. While not much of an improvement, the fact of the matter is that the addition of another 0.5 inches is still impressive when we consider the fact that the battery life has not been negatively impacted. 

Are There any Possible Downsides?

One of the few complaints which has been aired in regards to the new iPad is the fact that its camera is not on par with similar devices.  While impressive from 2017 standards, we would have thought that it would have been upgraded in order to accommodate for HD requirements.  The other major issue is that (much like other products offered by Apple), you will be required to sign up to the EULA in order to access many of its features (such as mobile connectivity). 

Still, the fact that the new iPad is offered at an amenable price is quite an impressive feature and it is likely to outweigh the issues mentioned above.  If you are looking for a sense of familiarity alongside proven Apple functionality, you cannot go wrong with the new series of iPad.