What Does the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 Have to Offer?

Samsung has certainly impressed its customers over the years.  Arguably the only firm which can rival the popularity of Apple, this company continues to push the boundaries in terms of innovation cutting-edge designs.  This is particularly the case in regards to the Galaxy line of smartphones.  So, users are likely keen to learn more about the new Galaxy Z Fold 3 series.  Let’s take a closer look of what to expect and why this phone is quite impressive. 

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: The Basics

First and foremost, this model is considered to be Samsung’s top-tier foldable phone for 2021 and beyond.  Although some will claim that it appears similar to the Fold 2 model, there are several advancements which need to be highlighted.  Perhaps the most impressive is the fact that this model can be used in conjunction with the S-Pen.  This was one complaint which many users cited when reviewing the Fold 2.  Still, the phone is just as functional and durable; while offering the same levels of dust and water protection.  Let us now take a look at some specific features which enable the Fold 3 to stand out. 

Hardware and Design

While physically similar to the Fold 2, this latest iteration offers some notable differences.  For example, it folds flatter and the hinges are less pronounced.  It is also 11 grams lighter than the previous model and while the camera may be the same, improved hardware should leave a lasting impression upon those who are intend to use the phone to take high-quality photos.  A thinner screen enables this model to be used slightly easier with a single hand and users can choose from three stunning colours (phantom black, green or silver).

Performance, Display and Chipset

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 works with the Android 11 operating system and it employs a stunningly fast Snapdragon 888 chipset (this is why the camera operations will run smoother). It boasts an AMOLED display screen of 7.6 inches with a resolution of 2208 x 1768.  Note that this screen offers refresh rates of 120Hz (important in terms of watching high-quality videos). 

The storage of the Fold 3 is about what we would expect.  It is equipped with 12 gigabytes of on-board memory.  Users can likewise choose from between 256 gigabytes or 512 gigabytes of RAM.  However, please note that this model does not provide any type of external storage options. 

Camera and Battery

The battery life of the Fold 3 is actually slightly smaller than the one offered within the Fold 2.  Charging speeds are virtually identical and while the battery life is not necessarily bad, some feel that it could have been improved.

The cameras are final feature to examine.  While physically identical to the Fold 2, users are provided with a resolution of 4 megapixels (the Fold 2 offered 6 megapixels).  So, some individuals may be slightly disappointed.  However, the cameras are still quite impressive in and of themselves.  Colours are crisp, numerous editing options are provided and the sensor intended for darker environments has been upgraded.  Note that these improvements are the direct results of an updated processing system.  The only possible drawback is that the interior camera does not provide nearly as much resolution as the externally mounted lens.  

The Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a relatively impressive upgrade.  While the battery life has been decreased and the inner camera offers less-than-impressive images, the design of this phone and its user-friendly nature should win anyone over who has been “on the fence” in terms of an upgrade.