What do the Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra Have in Store?

Samsung has certainly given Apple a run for its money in recent times and this is due in no small part to their flagship Galaxy series of devices. The S22 has recently emerged as yet another impressive iteration and if you hope to make an informed decision, it pays to take a closer look at both the S22 and the S22 Ultra.

The Samsung Galaxy S22: A Breakdown of the Basics

There are several reasons why the S22 is set to make waves throughout the smartphone community. One notable attribute involves the use of an Exynos 2200 chipset; one of the most powerful on the market (please note that the Ultra also employs this processor). Lightning-fast speeds should therefore not represent an issue.

Users likewise have the choice of between 128 and 256 gigabytes of RAM and all S22 models are provided with the Android 21 OS. Other amenities include standard 5G compatibility, a back coated with Gorilla Glass Victus + (a nice touch in terms of providing a luxury feel) and 6.1-inch display screens.

What about  the cameras? Users can leverage the presence of three rear-facing units: the most impressive being an ultra-wide angle lens which offers 12 megapixels of resolution. The front-facing camera boasts 10 megapixels and HDR10+ video capture capabilities are likewise offered.

All models offer wireless charging capabilities and the S22 provides 3700 mAh of power; suitable for most uses. So, what makes the S22 Ultra even more advanced?

The S22 Ultra

While all S22 models share the same processor, there are a handful of differences associated with the Ultra series. It can be argued that the most noticeable is an AMOLED 2S screen of 6.8 inches; a massive benefit for those who enjoy watching HD videos in stunning clarity.

It is also possible to choose even higher levels of RAM (depending upon the needs of the individual. 128, 256, and 512 gigabytes are all offered. Interestingly, one terabyte is available for high-end uses.

Once again, a cast aluminium body is protected on both sides by Gorilla Glass and all S22 units are IP68-rated in terms of dust and water resistance. In terms of cameras, users are likely to notice that the front-facing unit has increased its resolution to 40 megapixels (note that the standard S22 offers 12). A final disparity involves a battery offering 5,000 mAh of power. The Ultra could therefore be an ideal choice for anyone who will be using their phone while out and about for longer periods of time.

Are There Any Drawbacks?

In order to be completely objective, it is wise to point out two potential drawbacks. Some users feel that the design of the S22 series is extremely similar to the S21. Some upgrades (such as camera resolutions) appear to be incremental and they might not warrant such a high price tag.

Having said this, there is no doubt that the S22 will prove to be quite popular within the community of Samsung fans. It will be interesting to see what other advancements the developers have in store in the near future.