What do the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max Have to Offer?

Apple has once again grabbed the attention of consumers thanks to the release of the iPhone 11 series.  While there is on doubt that the iPhone X offered a number of impressive features, how does this newer model stack up?  When we consider the fact that rivals such as Samsung and Huawei are certainly enjoying their fair share of fame, it only makes sense that Apple decided to up the ante through the release of this latest model.  Let’s take a look at some of the key features associated with the Pro and Pro Max variants.

A Look at the iPhone Pro

One of the first amenities which will immediately stand out involves the use of a telephoto camera found on the rear of the device.  This is not present in the normal iPhone 11 series, so fans of taking high-definition images will certainly be impressed.  Another important point to make is that while both the Pro and the standard series share the same A13 Bionic processor, the screen resolution associated with the Pro is more impressive.  Of course, it only stands to reason that battery life is an important factors to take into account.  This is why it is very good news that the iPhone 11 Pro is said to be able to last a full hour longer when compared to its predecessor.

What About the Pro Max?

As you might have already imagined, the Pro Max is larger than the Pro series (6.5 inches as opposed to 5.8 inches).  This is actually quite a large difference and it could very well be the deciding factor for those who regularly use their phones to stream and watch media content.  The other main disparity is storage space, as the Pro Max series offers an incredible 512 gigabytes as a standard feature.  This is another critical area, as those who opt for the larger OLED screen are more likely to download large media files.  It therefore makes a great deal of sense that the Pro Max offers such as massive amount of memory.

Both of these models are available in a number of colour variants such as midnight green, space grey and matter black.  Apple has also stuck with the metallic colour schemes that were so popular with previous iterations, so users should enjoy a nice sense of familiarity when purchasing either model.

However, the only possible drawback associated with these phones is that (much as was expected) they are priced quite high.  Those who are on a budget could therefore find their finances slightly strained; particularly when opting for the Pro Max and its immense memory capacity.  All in all, it seems as if this new series is defined by both an increased battery life and the presence of a rear.-facing telephoto lens.  Anyone who considers themselves to be a die-hard fan of Apple should therefore be quite pleased with what they have to offer.