What Can We Expect from the iPhone 8?

It can be argued that the iconic iPhone is the most recognized phone of all time, so we should not be surprised that there are already a great deal of rumors surrounding the release of the next version sometime later in the year.  While the final verdict is still out, it is expected that the iPhone 8 will hit the markets sometime in the early autumn.  However, the tech world is already buzzing with what we can expect from this new model and while Apple is careful not to leak their ultimate strategy, there are still a number of observations and predictions which seem to be viable.  Let’s take a look at what we can expect from this next version.

An Exact Release Date?

The reason that this is important is that those who are able early access to the phone (or at least a rundown of its inner workings) may indeed secure a purchase well ahead of the masses that are sure to follow.  Let’s look at some of the historical dates in the past in regards to previous models:

  • iPhone 7: September 7th
  • iPhone 6S: September 9th
  • iPhone 5S: September 10th
  • iPhone 5: September 12th

So, the dates seem to confirm what we have been expecting.  If Apple continues with this pattern, we should expect the eight model to be released somewhere in the early half of the second week of September 2017.

Design Predictions

It is always a good idea to look at other flagship phones to extrapolate what we can expect from the iPhone 8.  Most experts feel that the screen-to-body ratio will be increased dramatically.  To put this another way, the screen should equate to a larger portion of the body.  This will be a market departure from the current 4.7-inch display exhibited on the iPhone 7 and instead, we might finally be treated to a standard 5.5-inch screen (as with the 7 Plus).  The main reason why this may actually be close to confirmation is that developers have stated the home button may be removed entirely; possibly signalling a departure from the earlier models.

Other features that we should be looking for is the potential to employ a curved LCD screen (once again to accommodate for its larger size) as well as a more watertight overall design, as this is another trend which other models have capitalized on recently.  This might help to push rivals such as the Samsung GalaxyS7 to the side.

Finally, it is thought that Apple will incorporate an OLED screen for the first time.  This is important, for OLED technology does not require any type of backlighting; dramatically helping to increase the battery life of the phone.  Secondly, individual pixels can be completely deactivated when required.  This provides a much truer “black” color; ideal for increasing the definition of videos and images.

Other Predictions?

There is also a rumor that Apple will be incorporating 3D technology into its camera.  The main intention (apparently) behind this scheme is to allow for the adoption of augmented reality applications in the future.  Still, this is yet to be verified.  As far as the price is concerned, the verdict is indeed still out.  However, we should expect the iPhone 8 to debut somewhere around $700 dollars.  While there is no doubt that it will be expensive, the addition of a larger screen, adequate processing power and OLED technology (amongst other advancements) could very well tempt the tech-savvy community.  We will have to wait to see which of these rumors will materialize in the not-so-distant future.