Virgin Media TV Packages


Virgin Media is one of the most popular suppliers of digital television packages in the UK. Their popularity owes much to the sheer diversity of their packages. In addition to packages which grant users digital television subscription, Virgin Media also has a number of packages that allow customers to combine their digital television subscription with other utilities such as landline and broadband.

One of the main attractions of Virgin Media is that they have a collection of digital TV packages that do not require broadband or a landline contract. This sets it apart from its competitors and it gives customers the option of getting their landline and broadband elsewhere.

All Virgin Media TV packages come with an exclusive Tivo set top box. This set top box is both 3D and HD ready and can allow you pause and rewind live TV as well record up to three shows simultaneously to watch later. The amount of storage varies according to the type of contract you take out. Top end contracts come with a Tivo box which boasts a terabyte of storage.

Virgin Media has a great selection of television packages to choose which cater to the needs and budgets of a range of customers. In addition, you can purchase additional Sky channels through Virgin Media for an extra monthly fee.

Things to Remember

While some Virgin Media packages include free installation, those that don’t charge £49.95 for the cable installation service.

Virgin Media often have very low introductory offers in order to attract new customers. However, after a few months, their prices go up to their normal value. When comparing Virgin Media packages with those offered by other providers, be sure to make sure you compare the whole contract price not just the monthly fee.

Best Virgin Media TV Deals

Bundle Type Monthly Price Sky On Demand Number of Channels Contract Length
More TV £16.00 70+ 12 Months
TV M+ £19.00 130+ 12 Months
TV L £26.50 170+ 12 Months
TV XL £31.00 230+ 12 Months