Tripods are incredibly helpful devices that are used by still and motion photographers alike to both elevate and steady a camera or piece of kit, such as a flash unit. When it comes to choosing a tripod there are number of factors that you will need to take into account.

To begin with, you will need to look at how sturdy the tripod is. To work out how stable the device is, see how thick the legs are and, if possible, take a couple of test shots.

When choosing a tripod you should also consider how portable the tripod is. If you plan on taking the tripod out a lot, you will want something that is relatively lightweight and easy to carry. Also, check out how small the tripod is when it is folded down, the smaller it is the easier it’ll be to clip to your bag.

Another important factor that is often overlooked when choosing a tripod is the tripod’s ease of use. You will want something that is easy to set up because if you opt for a device that is a little awkward, you may miss the shot.

Bottom Range shoppingVelbon DF-61 TripodThis reasonably priced device is standard-size and has a three-way pan head that is perfect for pans and tilts.


Man190Manfrotto 190XPROB Pro TripodThe 190XPROB is a significant improvement on its predecessor as it sports quick action leg locks and a spirit-level built in to the head. vdf
Velbon DF-51 TripodThis medium-sized tripod is perfect for compact cameras and DSLRs. Weighing a mere 3kg and just over half a meter long when folded, this tripod is highly-portable.
Mid-Range Man458458B Neotec Pro Photo TripodDesigned for high-pressure location work, this tripod is quick to open and sports a high-load capacity. man1900Manfrotto 190 Carbon Fibre Tripod CXPRO3Made from carbon fibre, this device is ultra-light. However, it’s incredibly sturdy and versatile, making it a firm favourite with many photographers. Manpro3Manfrotto 190CX3 Mag Fibre TripodThis light and sturdy tripod from Manfretto comes with a new leg angle selector for greater precision and comfort.
Top Range gitzoGitzo Series 2 GT2540LVLMade from 6 layers of carbon fibre this tripod is super strong and very portable. The device is fitted with a ball joint mounted centre column for easy levelling. 23Gitzo Series 2 GT2531This tripod is designed for those who want a lightweight tripod which does not compromise on stability. It also features a third low leg spread for ground level set.