TomTom Navigation Products: What is in Store?

TomTom is a Dutch manufacturer of GPS navigation equipment and similarly themed technology.  However, this firm has recently entered into other markets to include products such as fitness trackers and action cameras.  The firm is known for its solid technological builds and software which is constantly evolving as the needs of the clients likewise change.  In order to better appreciate what this company can provide, it is a good idea to take a look at a handful of its flagship products as well as some newer gadgets to keep an eye out for.

Basic Navigation Hardware and Software

As mentioned previously, GPS and navigation equipment are considered to be the mainstay of this company.  Theses systems are so trusted that TomTom was the main mapping source during the creation of the iPhone 6.  The most well-known of these devices is the TomTom GO; an all-in-one GPS system designed for cars.  Other units are specifically intended to be used by trucks, trailers and RV campers.  The majority of TomTom navigation devices are compatible with Bluetooth wireless, so they are quite universal in terms of overall functionality.   Newer units such as the TomTom VIA are now able to connect with smartphones, so users will be able to monitor their progress with more flexibility when required.

Ventures into the Sports Sector

In what may be termed a response to the entrance of Apple into the world of fitness, TomTom has made a significant amount of headway in its own right.  This corporation is specifically known for their line of watches such as Break and Multisport.  Some are themed for more general purposes which others cater to a certain sector such as golf.  As should be expected, every model contains a built-in GPS tracker.  Basic functions such as speed, heart rate and distance can therefore be tracked alongside more discrete options.  Some are also equipped to stream MP3 music via a wireless headphone with the help of Bluetooth technology.

TomTom for Android Smartphones

While this company provided apps for Apple phones in the past, this was discontinued a few years back.  However, it still odes offer options for Android users.  This service is known as TomTom GO Mobile.  As should be expected, these applications are basically designed to be used as portable GPS systems for those who are out and about.  It is still interesting to note that some software can be used in conjunction with on-board phone cameras; a good option for runners and cyclists who wish to record their progress.


TomTom also offers other services to its subscribers.  Some of these include:

  • Weather alerts
  • Current traffic conditions
  • Warnings in regards to any speed cameras
  • HD live traffic feeds.
  • Google-supported searches
  • Fuel prices within a certain region

A final interesting point to make is that a proprietary open-source software package known as Map Share enables users to modify their maps based off of prevailing conditions (such as a road closure or a traffic accident).  This can be very useful when compared to static GPS systems which do not provide such timely alerts.

TomTom is indeed a respectable company and it continues to lead the way in terms of GPS and real-time navigation systems.  With their entrance into the market for wearable technology, this firm could start to make waves on a much more user-oriented level.  There are literally hundreds of different products and services to choose from.  While initially intended solely for the European marketplace, a growing number of options are now offered to United States and international customers.