The Samsung Galaxy S21: Is it All that it is Cracked Up to Be?

2020 and 2021 have certainly proven to be bountiful years for smartphone manufacturers.  Companies such as Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi are constantly pushing the envelope in order to provide customers with even more cutting-edge choices.  As 2021 is now upon us, it only stands to reason that they are looking to set the bar even higher.  One example can be seen in the recent release of the Samsung Galaxy S21.  Does this phone live up to its hype and what are some of its most important features?  Let’s take a look at what the industry analysts have had to say. 

Samsung Galaxy S21: The Basics

The first main takeaway point is that the S21 has been intended to bridge the gap between the more expensive S20 while still boasting a host of unique amenities.  Not only is the internal hardware impressive, but Samsung has slightly tweaked the external design in order to provide a more sleek and streamlined appeal.  So, what are some of its main features and might customers be forced to make concessions when purchasing this mid-range model?

Display and Resolution

One impressive feature of the S21 involves refresh rates of 120 Hz.  This is ideal when watching high-definition videos or when playing games.  The display screen is 6.2 inches; rivalling other models such as those offered by Apple and Xiaomi.  However, we should mention that the screen resolution has been decreased to 1080 pixels.  This is in direct contrast to the quad HD experience that has come to the define the Galaxy S20.  Still, we need to keep in mind that this drawback is likely due to the lower price.

A Contour-Cut Camera

In terms of outer appearance, users will notice that the camera is slightly less obtrusive.  This is great from an aesthetics point of view, but the fact of the matter is that the internal hardware has essentially remained the same.  The only difference is that the camera on the S21 offers an improved portrait mode as well as the option to utilise the front- and rear-facing camera simultaneously. 


As many of us are aware, the performance of any smartphone is normally related to the amount of RAM that is offered as standard.  This is when the S21 takes a slight departure from other models.  Although the RAM is the same as the S20, the S21 is equipped with a more powerful Snapdragon 888 chipset.  This could therefore be the ideal phone for gamers and indeed anyone who is on a budget but still wishes to leverage the presence of a modern processor. 

Missing Features

It only stands to reason that a slightly cheaper phone will not possess some of the bells and whistles attributed to the flagship Galaxy S20.  Namely, the charger box has been eliminated from the unit.  Another noticeable departure from the norm involves the lack of a MicroSD slot; a possible issue for those who are concerned about memory issues.  However, these seem to be small trade-offs when we take into account what is arguably a faster and more efficient chipset. 

The Samsung Galaxy S21: Our Verdict

In terms of a mid-range phone, Samsung has definitely thrown down the gauntlet in the early months of 2021.  Although there are a handful of possible pitfalls associated with the S21, the fact of the matter is that this device is still quite impressive in terms of its overall appearance and functionality.  As this is a rather new unit, expect even more in-depth analyses to be offered in the coming weeks.  Be sure to bookmark this page in order to enjoy the latest insight and analyses.