The New Range of MacBook Pro Computers with Touch Bars


It is no secret that the vaunted MacBook was always intended to be used for memory-laden work and imaging purposes.  However, the latest series seems to exhibit what can only be called a more hands-on and even “fun” flavour when compared to previous models.  Let’s take a quick look at some of the unique features of these models as well as examine if the touch bar is all that it is claimed to be.

Basic Design and Layout

Users will not be disappointed to learn that the latest series has stuck with the familiar clamshell design as well as the overall robust feel of the unit.  The two most popular screen sizes are (as we should expect) 13 and 15 inches.  The keyboard is also said to incorporate new technology which enables for easier and faster typing.  The screen is well-lit although those looking for superior image quality should always try to upgrade to the 15-inch version (if they have the funds to do so).  Still, the use of a wide colour retina display ensures graphics that are brighter and able to provide superior levels of contrast.

One notable difference besides the Touch Bar is a large Force Touch track pad that is actually said to be twice as bigger when compared to previous models.  It will be interesting to see whether or not this change catches on, as some users may find it to be a bit too obtrusive for their needs.

Processing Power and Ports

The MacBook Pro has been an iconic line due to its impressive processing power and these versions are no different.  Each is packed with a Core i7 Skylake CPU and an extremely rapid 2,133 MHz SDRAM chip.  A Radeon Pro GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) can be backed up with either 2 or 4 megabytes of additional power (depending upon your needs) while an Intel HD Graphics 530 GPU is said to offer additional power-saving options.  In terms of SSD storage, you can expect no less than 2 TB of space for all of your requirements.  Each model contains four USB expansion ports.  These can support four 5K or four 4K monitors is you are looking to link with multiple computers.

The Touch Bar

The touch bar is the most noticeable change in regards to this new line of laptops.  This is a dynamic device that has taken the place of the traditional function keys found at the top of the keyboard.  In essence, the touch bar gives you access to all of the functions that would be found within the on-screen control strip.  While innovative, some users feel that it is not entirely easy to work with and that switching from one function to another can be challenging.

Putting it All Together

The benefits of this new line of MacBook Pros are:

  • Improved graphics and memory power.
  • An enhanced keyboard.
  • The addition of a touch strip.

A few negatives may be:

  • The touch strip is difficult for some to manipulate.
  • An oversized mouse track pad could feel awkward to new users.

It will indeed be interesting to see if this new touch strip will catch on to die-hard Mac users over the coming months.