The Moto G5S: Review

While not as large of a company as Samsung or Apple, Moto is a popular brand and it has been making its way up through the ranks of smartphone providers.  One of the newest models within its line-up is the G5S.  It is interesting here to note that the “S” at the end of the title of this model is meant to denote a more luxurious version of the standard Moto G5.  So, what are the main amenities that this phone brings to the table and how does it stack up to the more mainstream brands?  Let’s take a look at a a handful of its primary features.

What is New with the Moto G5S?

Upon first glance, the majority of users will likely note that the screen is a larger 5.2 inches when compared to the 5 inches associated with the G5.  This FHD screen is actually quite impressive for its size and thanks to 4K compatibility, users can expect to enjoy crystal-clear clarity.

We should also mention that the battery has bee improved over its predecessors.  It now offers a full 3,000 mAh of power.  This is an improvement when compared to the 2,800 mAh associated with the G5.  It is likely that this change is a result of customer complaints, as the G4 is still more powerful than the standard G5.  So, it only makes sense that the needs of the clients were addressed.  Another unique feature in regards to the battery is that a turbo charging feature will provide up to six hours of power with only a 15-minute charge.  So, there will no longer be the need to keep the phone plugged in for an extended period of time.

Many users are also curious about the processing power of the G5S.  On a slightly disappointing note, this unit uses the same 1.4-GHz octa-core processor that is found within the G5.  The main issue here is that the same operating system is expected to deal with a larger screen size.  We have to wonder whether or not this CPU will be up to the challenge when dealing with memory-laden applications and other actions which require a significant amount of speed.

On a final note, the ergonomics associated with the G5S have also seen an upgrade.  The G5 was essentially a combination of metal and plastic.  While the rear panel was fashioned from aluminium, the remainder of the exterior was plastic.  This issues has been addressed thanks to the all-aluminium construction of the G5S.  So, the phone has not significantly increased in weight while its frame is decidedly more robust.  This should help to provide protection against an accidental drop or other minor bumps along the way.

All in all the Moto G5S is indeed an improvement when compared to the standard G5.  Still, the fact that its processing power has not increased could be an issue for some.  This model is still worth a closer look.