The Main Advantages of a Smart Clothes Steamer


Whether intended for an upcoming business trip, to impress an employment recruiter or to make sure that your child’s appearance is impeccable on their first day of school,  a clothes streamer is invaluable at eliminating wrinkles and providing an overall seamless appearance to nearly any fabric.  These units are also very handy while out and about when you might not have access to traditional alternatives as an iron and an ironing board.  Technology has dramatically enhanced the efficiency of these devices and there are now a host of options at your disposal.  Let’s take a look at the main benefits associated with what are commonly referred to as “smart” clothes steamers.

Able to Adjust for Multiple Fabrics

This is arguably the most important advantage, for different fabrics will require unique temperature and steam settings.  Users would have had to manually adjust such options in the past and if a mistake was made, delicate fabrics such as silk or suede could be damaged.  These situations are no longer a concern, for all adjustments can take place with the click of a button.  Even novices can use this device without worrying about damaging or even shrinking their clothes.

Automatic Shut-Off Capabilities

In a busty environment or a home with small children, this next smart advantage is just as safe as it is convenient.  Many new steamers will automatically deactivate themselves if they remain ideal for a specific amount of time.  This will help to save energy and perhaps more importantly, the chances of an infant or a toddler accidentally picking up and activating the unit are dramatically reduced. As steam is actually much hotter than boiling water, severe burns and similar injuries can be avoided.  This is also important in the even that the reservoir runs out of water.  In the past, a dry reservoir could damage the machine and its heating coils.  The automatic nature of computerized technology eliminates this from occurring.

Internal Diagnostics

This is another increasingly common feature associated with smart clothes steamers.  These mechanisms contain a number of moving and delicate parts.  Over time, some areas can become worn or damaged.  Under normal circumstances, this would significantly shorten the lifespan of the device.  Smart technology now tests these components on a regular basis.  If a problem or fault is detected, the user will be alerted.  Issues can then be rectified before any permanent harm is done.

Smart as Opposed to Hard

We should also keep in mind that the term “smart” does not necessarily have to be limited to computers alone.  Ergonomics and handling have also come a long ways since the streamers of the 1980s and the 1990s.  Most units are now built out of extremely lightweight materials such as aluminum and plastic composites.  These help to reduce their overall weight and therefore, the machine is much easier to manipulate while out and about.  Retractable extension cords and hoses are both great additions in the event that clothes may be hung on a handle.  In the same respect, insulating materials will help prevent the user from accidental burns during the steaming process itself.

The Top Manufacturers

While smart clothes steamers come in all shapes and sizes, a handful of brands are head and shoulders above the rest.  Some examples here will include:

  • Rowenta
  • Conair
  • Steamfast
  • Jiffy Steamer

In order to determine which make and model might be the best choice for your needs, keep in mind the benefits mentioned above and weigh these against the price of the device.  Smart steamers have certain come a long way in recent years and this technological revolution shows no signs of slowing down.