The HTC One A9s: What is in Store?

HTC has certainly made waves in the mobile phone community over the last few years and still, the company has still not broken into upper-tier markets such as those which are enjoyed by Apple and Samsung.  It is interesting to note that the HTC One A9s seems to be overtly addressing this issue, as it actually appears very much like the iPhone at first glance.  While a direct comparison would naturally be unfair, this model does indeed boast some interesting qualities as well as a few drawbacks which may affect the opinion of the user.  Let’s take a look at some of the main features of this phone before drawing a final conclusion.

The HTC One A9s: A Viable Alternative?

First off, the price of this model is (approximately) $220 dollars. This is obviously a massive benefit for those who might be on tight budgets.  Let us not let this cost fool anyone, for the A9s includes several benefits.  Many feel that the top advantages offered are:

  • A good overall design.
  • Adequate processing power.
  • An improved camera.

Anyone who is looking for the superior processing power associated with the latest iPhone could be slightly disappointed, but the ability of the A9s to mimic many other functions merits some examination.

To begin with, the outward design is nearly identical (besides a lack of the Apple logo).  An integration with the Android Marshmallow OS is arguably the most important benefit, for processing speeds and an ability to handle multiple applications are both enhanced.

Another point to bring up is the improved camera.  No less than 13 megapixels should be sufficient for most users and features such as automatic image sharpening are certain to sit well with fans of the selfie.  A raw photo mode is also offered and while this will require a bit more time, the end “organic” results could be well worth the effort.

The 5-inch display screen is slightly less than other HTC models and 720p resolution is sufficient to play back most videos.  However, this smaller screen might not be as appropriate for users who have been looking for a device to address HD videos or games.

While the overall processing power and speed of this device is said to be adequate, the one major drawback is associated with its battery life.  This is mainly due to the fact that the HTC One A9s has been slightly trimmed down when compared to previous versions.  While ergonomics have improved, battery power has been sacrificed.  At 2150 mAh, it is likely that recharges will be more necessary than many would prefer.  This could be slightly addressed with the QuickCharge 2.0 application, but the fact of the matter is that we are left wondering why developers did not address this power issue in a bit more detail.

The Good and the Bad

To put things into perspective, some of the main advantages associated with the HTC One A9s include:

  • An appearance quite similar to the latest iPhone models.
  • The addition of the Android Marshmallow operating system.
  • An improved camera when compared to previous versions.

Some potential downsides could be:

  • Poor battery lifespan.
  • Users may feel that this is too much of a mimic of Apple products.

So, the HTC One A9s is a rather impressive package considering its price.  The primary sticking point is likely to be its battery life and if users can get over this fact, they might very well find the A9s to be a viable alternative.  As with many other phones, only time will tell.