The HTC 10 Review


HTC has always been playing a game of “catch-up” to larger manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and Sony.  So, it should come as no surprise that no less than one entire year of thought has been put into the development of the 10 series of smartphones.  Seeming to take much-needed cues from its rivals, the HTC 10 boasts several improvements such as a better design, a longer battery life and a crisper display.  Still, there a nonetheless a handful of foibles that should not be overlooked.  Let’s examine the HTC 10 in a bit more detail so that you know what you are getting into beforehand.

Key Improvements

The HCT 10 is not short on features.  The first one to mention is the decreased latency (response) time in terms of when an option is selected or a button is pressed.  In other words, the screen responds nearly instantaneously to any tactile input.  This is a much-needed improvement when compared to previous models.

Both the screen and the camera have likewise undergone some significant changes.  The display now boasts 564 pixels per inch through the use of Super LCD 5 technology.  So, you will be able to enjoy sharper and crisper pictures.  In terms of the camera, it is actually interesting to observe that the overall resolution has been dropped down to 12 megapixels associated with t 4:3 resolution.  This might not be a bad thing, for HTC claims that this change was requested by professional photographers.  Rapid auto-focus and 4K video support round out the features that the camera has to offer.

Processing Power

HTC has followed suit in providing its users with an increased processing power with the 10 series.  It employs a Snapdragon 820 CPU combined with 4 gigabytes of RAM.  Built-in storage capacity is 32 gigabytes although this can be upgraded to 64 gigabytes through the use of a MicroSD card (notably absent in the latest version of the iPhone 7).  This ultimately enables the HTC 10 to be a great option in terms of video playback, games and applications that might require a significant amount of memory.

Audio Benefits

The HTC 10 has embraced the notion that audio quality will help to enhance the overall user experience.  So, multi-directional speakers are present alongside high-resolution headphones and better recording quality.  Fans of music will definitely be impressed with what this version has in store.

Potential Faults

Although we previously mentioned that professional photographers had been said to be behind the slight reduction in camera resolution, this might not sit will with everyone.  The fact is that the average consumer may still want the ability to take photographs of the highest quality without any sacrifice in resolution or quality.

The battery has also been improved, but at a cost.  It seems that HTC engineers were more concerned with online browsing or when the phone remains idle.  In both of these cases, the 10 series works well.  The downside is that when the phone is actually being used, the battery life is terrible.  Some claim that less than six hours will transpire before the unit requires a charge.  This will disappoint those who are accustomed to longer lifespans.

The Verdict

The HTC 10 is no doubt a massive improvement when compared to previous models.  Still, there are a few bugs to work out; particularly in terms of battery power.  While it would be unfair to compare this model to mainline brands such as the iPhone 7, the fact that HTC is continuing to gain ground within this competitive market is a testament to the the engineers themselves.