The Dyson Airwrap: What is in Store?

It seems as if new haircare products are entering into the marketplace on a daily basis. Some represent nothing more than fads while others may very well transform the industry as a whole. One of the latest gadgets to make waves online is the Dyson Airwrap. Just what exactly is this device and how does it work? As it promises to deliver a salon-quality experience from the comfort of your own home, these questions are worth addressing in more detail. Let’s therefore take a look at the basics.

How Does the Airwrap Work?

As the name may already suggests, the Dyson Airwrap uses a technology which creates small vortices of air (similar to how a jet engine functions in some ways). This hair will then be pulled towards the central heating element (known as the barrel). The main advantage here is that the strands are placed firmly against the surface of the heating element and the temperature is automatically monitored. Therefore, the chances of burning your hair are dramatically reduced. This very same approach provides users with a host of unique styling options at their fingertips.

The Benefits of the Dyson Airwrap

The features included with this device are impressive in their own right. For example, users can choose from a plethora of different attachments including barrels of different lengths, volumising brushes, soft smoothing brushes, travel cases, and even luxurious display stands. Still, the real value of this product involves its customisation options. It essentially represents a one-size-fits-all styling solution that does indeed provide salon-like results in no time at all. It is also quite easy to use and even those with little prior experience should have no problems understanding its basic functionality.

Another unique advantage of the Airwrap involves the amount of time that it takes to dry a full head of hear. In the past, some women would be forced to spend an hour; particularly in cold or humid conditions. Thanks to the vortex technology mentioned earlier, hair can now be dried in 15 minutes or less. This obviously saves a significant amount of time for those who are on the go. Kinks, frizz and burned strands are all but eliminated, so this is great news for those who have struggled with traditional hair curlers in the past or who have become frustrated with overly dry hair.

Are There Any Downsides?

One of the only complaints which seems to occur from time to time involves the price of the Airwrap. At the time that this article was written, the Airwrap will cost the average consumer a staggering £350 pounds. However, the durability of this device alongside a robust manufacturer’s warranty will normally offset the initial investment. Let’s also remember that the Airwrap will essentially pay for itself over time when compared to mounting expenses associated with professional salon treatments.

If you have been searching for a top-of-the-line hair styler, there is no doubt that the Dyson Airwrap should be at or near the top of your list.