The Best TV Deals in 2021

With so many advances in high-definition viewing technology, modern televisions are certainly predicted to make an impact during 2016. Still, many consumers are unaware of the top models for this year and some of the amenities that they have to offer. Let’s take a quick look at the five best brands, their prices and some of the features that you can expect to enjoy.

Brand Price (approximate) Screen Type and Resolution Extras
LG55EG9100 £1,400.00 LED LCD 1808p 55-inch screen, 0.25 inches deep, visually stunning, ergonomic remote control.
LGEF9500 From £3,100 OLED 65-inch screen, supports future HDR sources via an HDMI port.
Samsung UNJU 7100 From £1,340 4K resolution Smart TV, enhanced connectivity, 120 Hz refresh rate
Samsung UNJS 8500 From £1,078 LED LCD Low price, Tizen Smart TV capabilities, HDR compatible, 3D technology
Sony KDL60W605 From £899 LED LCD 60-inch screen, Full HD technology, Smart TV, slim design.

A Look at Digital Display Variants

There tends to be a notable difference between LED LCD displays and their 4K variants. 4K is said to offer ultra-high definition technology as well as a broader array of colours when compared to the more “traditional” LED LCD screens. This is important when dimensions increase to 500 or 60 inches, as the discrepancies can be noticeable. Additionally, those who play intricate games or already have subscribed to high-definition television programmes are likely to be more impressed with 4K versions. The only major drawback is that (as should be expected), 4K televisions are considered to be more expensive than their LEDLCD counterparts.

Modern Smart Televisions

Smart TV has become a buzz word in recent times, and for good reason. Smart TV applications enable for a much more streamlined experience than would otherwise be possible. Some of the main features here include:

• A one-touch access to dedicated applications.
• Numerous multimedia choices such as the ability to record films for later viewing and on-demand streaming capabilities.
• The ability to download and play games directly from a remote control.
• Integration into other devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Smart television is indeed the wave of the future and when this is combined with high-definition viewing capabilities, the results can truly be astounding.

So, we have seen the five most popular models in 2016 as well as some of the primary benefits that they provide. Appreciating these features ahead of time will enable you to make the most informed choices.