The Apple AirPods Pro: Worth the Hype?

Apple is certainly no stranger for pushing  technological boundaries and their AirPods series of wireless headphones is a perfect example.  While still some users have yet to appreciate their significance, the fact of the matter is that Apple claims them to be the most popular headphones in the world.  So, does the AirPods Pro series stand up to the  hype?  Let’s take a closer look.

Comfort and Appearance

Fit is always a concern with t he AirPods series, as the claim that one size fits all is a strong statement to make.  The Pro line is built somewhat differently than its predecessors, a shorter stem and a slightly thicker frame are though to be needed for its noise-cancelling capabilities.  A silicone tip found on the end is also thinner than  other wireless headphones; so users should not feel as if their ears are being squeezed.  On a final note, the low profile of these models is slightly less visually obtrusive when compared to previous iterations.

Appearance aside, it is said that he AirPods Pro line is actually the most comfortable model that Apple has offered to date.  This is crucial, as ergonomics is definitely one of their main selling points.  Able to remain firmly in place even when performing activities such as exercising or running, there is no denying the solid engineering behind this iteration.


Apple has chosen to use a “squeeze” approach in terms of allowing users to adjust the functions of their AirPods.  For example, a sing le squeeze on the built-in force sensors will cancel a musical track or can be used to answer an incoming call.  Other squeeze options provide the ability to switch between noise-cancelling modes and to skip a specific track.  The only issue is that this system can be cumbersome and difficult to control while out and about; a drawback that will certainly be noted by some users. 

Noise-Cancelling Claims

The other potential problem with the AirPods Pro line is the fact that its noise-cancelling claims might not be completely up to par.  Tests have revealed that audio clarity is impacted when the noise-cancelling systems are turned on.  While not a profound problem, there is no doubt that audiophiles will be slightly disappointed if they have been looking to enjoy tonal clarity while in a busy location such as a train station or a gym.  However, the headphones are still capable of reducing levels of ambient noise to near-zero levels. 

The Verdict

There are certainly a number of positive features associated with the AirPods Pro series;  particularly their comfort and streamlined design.  However, it can still be argued that other manufacturers such as Sony offer better clarity when the noise-cancelling function is activated.  This is more a matter  of personal preference than anything else.  Those who are fans of Apple products should therefore be quite impressed with what is in store. Of course, this is also taking a somewhat hefty price tag into account.