TalkTalk TV Packages 2021

talktalklogoOne of the most popular providers of digital television in the UK is TalkTalk, this owes much to the fact that their packages offer great value for money. While they do not offer any standalone television packages, they have two basic packages, Essentials TV and Plus TV, which combine digital television with broadband and calls. Both of these packages can be enhanced with channel boosters, anytime calls and super-fast fibrotic broadband.

One of the great things about TalkTalk is that they supply both their Essential TV and Plus TV customers with a YouView set-top box and offer free installation. In addition, all of their television packages, even the cheaper Essentials TV packages, come with unlimited calls and broadband.

The most basic TV package from TalkTalk offers more than 70 channels and on-demand content. If you want more channels you can top up your current selection with a number of well-thought-out packages such as a Kids TV Boost, Entertainment Boost, and PictureBox Boost which gives you access to 60 movies a week.

From time to time, TalkTalk have a number of incentives to entice new customers. For example, they often offer discounted prices for the introductory 6 months of a contract and Love2Shop vouchers.

Things to Remember

Unfortunately, TalkTalk has one of the worst reputations for customer service in the UK. So, if customer service is especially important to you, you may be better off looking for a deal elsewhere.

TalkTalk offers a somewhat limited range of features as catch-up does not extend beyond 7 days and the most basic package does not offer television recording.

TalkTalk TV is only available as part of a package with broadband and telephone line rental.

Best TalkTalk TV Deals

Bundle Type Monthly Price Line Rental Number of Channels Broadband Speed
Essentials TV, Unlimited Broadband with Calls £4.25
(£8.50 after 6 months)
£15.95 73 16Mb
Essentials TV, Broadband, Calls & PictureBox Boost £9.25
(£13.50 after 6 months)
£15.95 73
+ 60 Movies
Plus TV, Unlimited Broadband with Anytime Calls £9.25
(£18.50 after 6 months)
£15.95 85 16Mb
Plus TV, Unlimited Broadband, Calls & Sky Movies £24.25
(£33.50 after 6 months)
£15.95 96 16Mb