Summer 2014 Hot Tech Releases

summer release

Summer has always been a popular time for technology manufacturers to add another technology to their line-up and 2014 is no exception. The article below takes a look at the various rumours and leaks regarding soon to be released technology 2014.

Fire Phone
Following Amazon’s success with their range of e-readers and tablet PCs, Amazon have launched their first smartphone: the Fire Phone. Jumping on the 3D trend, one of the most striking features of the Fire Phone is its 3D-style visuals. Dynamic Perspective is another feature unique to the Fire Phone. Using four front-facing cameras, Dynamic Perspective tracks movements for a number of fun and useful user interface tweaks. For example, the Dynamic Perspective follows your eyes allowing for automatic scrolling and menu navigation. While much of the information regarding Amazon’s first smartphone was leaked early on the internet, Amazon’s biggest secret, the Firefly button, has only just been announced. This button recognises text and numbers from printed text using the video feed and gives you the option to save or use the information. In addition, using the phone’s microphone Firefly can recognise music, live TV, films and more.

Microsoft McLaren
Following the leak of a document which lists upcoming Microsoft Mobiles, the elusive Microsoft McLaren has become something of a hot topic in technology circles. The leaks suggest that the Microsoft McLaren will be the successor to the popular, high end Nokia Lumia 1020 and will feature the same protruding camera on the back panel. One of the rumoured USPs of the Microsoft McLaren is it embodies Xbox Kinect-esque features which use sensors on the front of the phone for gesture based commands, such as lifting the phone to your ear to answer it.


The innovative LG G2 with its unique rear button set-up was a huge success for LG and it has been revealed that the flagship’s successor, the LG G3, is just around the corner. So, what can we expect from the LG G3? Well, it’s safe to assume that the G3 will continue the G2’s signature button placement, but we envision big improvements in the technology behind the device. Rumours hint that the LG G3 will have a Quad HD 5.5 inch screen, putting it firmly ahead of the competition. The device is also expected to be powered by a mighty 2.4GHz processor and supported by an impressive 3GB of RAM. Sources also suggest that the LG G3 will be slightly cheaper than its competitors in the high-end section of the smartphone market. It is expected that handset will be released around the end of May.

iPhone 6

Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated releases of 2014 is the iPhone 6. Rumours and theories regarding the iPhone 6 have been emerging since the release of the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c and here are some of the most promising ones. To begin with, it is pretty much assumed that the iPhone 6 will have a larger screen that is predecessor. A more dubious rumour reports that the iPhone 6 will be available in a choice of 2 screen sizes, allowing Apple to break into the lucrative phablet market which is currently dominated by Android phones. Following the success of the colourful iPhone 5c, it is expected that the upcoming device from Apple will available in a range of shades. Following the alleged leak of an iPhone 6 in construction, it is suspected that the iPhone 6 will have a curvier design. While no official date has been announced, the iPhone 6 is likely to be released late summer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Now that Samsung’s heavily anticipated Samsung Galaxy S5 has been released, all Samsung smartphone rumours are now focused on the upcoming addition to the Samsung Galaxy Note range, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. At the moment, Samsung seemed to have kept most of the details surrounding their upcoming phone well concealed. However, here’s what we can expect from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. To begin with, it is fair to assume that the Note 4 will feature a larger screen with higher resolution. Another rumour surrounding the screen is that it may feature a rounded, three-sided screen. Apple released the first smartphone with a 64GB chipset last year, the iPhone 5s, and it is suspected that the Samsung Note 4 will also feature desktop-style architecture. Although nothing official has been released, it is expected that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will hit the shelves late September/early October.

Nokia Lumia 620

Nokia has recently released the Nokia Lumia 620, an entry-level smartphone with a lot to offer. The Nokia Lumia 620 features Nokia new Cinemagraph application which allows you to add localised animation to still photographs for a unique finished product. The latest offering from Nokia also comes equipped with HERE City lens. This unique application uses the smartphone’s video stream to highlight local shop and services, great for introducing yourself to a new city. The Nokia Lumia 620 is available in range of vibrant colours including cyan, yellow and pink as wells as classic black and white.

Moto E

Following the success of the Moto G, Motorola have recently announced the Moto E. Priced at less than £90, the Moto E is aimed at the lucrative budget smartphone market. Despite being a budget smartphone, the Moto E is certainly big on features, making it a must-have this summer. The device runs on the latest incarnation of the ever-popular Android operating system, Android 4.4 KitKat. It also boasts a powerful battery and the clearest screen in its class. The Moto E is available in a rainbow of colours to suit every taste!

Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (Samsung Galaxy F)

Despite releasing the Samsung Galaxy S5 only months ago, Samsung will be quickly updating their successful flagship with the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime (Samsung Galaxy F). One of the major selling points of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime is that it features a large 5.2 inch screen complete with a Quad HD display. Although many premium smartphone manufacturers prefer to embody their devices in metal, Samsung has always firmly stuck with plastic which has caused some resistance. However, it is rumoured that the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime will feature an aluminium case. Although nothing official has been released, it is expected that the smartphone will be available from June.

Microsoft Pro Surface 3
Marketed as a tablet that can replace your laptop, the Microsoft Pro Surface 3 is Microsoft’s heavily anticipated addition to their successful Surface Pro series. The latest release from Microsoft runs on the full version of Windows 8 Operating System and sports a 12 inch screen with a 2160 x 1440 resolution display. Despite its large screen, the Microsoft Windows Pro is surprisingly portable. Indeed, it is 100g light than its predecessor! The Microsoft Pro Surface 3 is currently set for release at the end of August and is available in a range of formats. The cheapest Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the Core i3 model which comes with 64GB of storage and costs £639. At the other end of the spectrum the premium Core i7 model which has 512GB storage and 8GB RAM will set you back £1,649.

Nexus 6
As the anniversary of Google’s successful Nexus 5 smartphone approaches, technology gossip and rumours are buzzing with the potential Nexus 6. It is rumoured that the next addition to the Nexus family will showcase the next carnation of Google’s Android operating system: Android 4.5 or Android 5. The previous Nexus smartphone was manufactured by LG and as a result the final product has a number of similarities with LG’s 2013 flagship. However, this time round, LG have denied being involved with the Nexus 6. Following in the footsteps and Apple, HTC and Samsung, it is rumoured that the upcoming handset will feature a fingerprint scanner. It is expected that the Nexus 6 will be unveiled early autumn.

Sony Xperia Z3

One of the most highly anticipated handsets of 2014 is the Sony Xperia Z3, the successor of the popular Sony Xperia Z2. Although nothing official has been released, it is hoped that the handset will be released in either August or September. As expected, there are a number of rumouurs surrounding the upcoming handset. The theories suggest that the Z3 will have a 5.3” inch screen and will be powered by a 2.7GHz quad-core processor which is backed up by 3GB RAM.