Smart Washing Machines


Some of us may recall when washing clothes was a decidedly arduous task.  The machines were inefficient, they would require a substantial amount of time to complete a cycle and perhaps more importantly, they consumed a significant amount of electricity.  There was no doubt that a change was necessary.  However, it would take digital technology to truly transform this industry.  Modern “smart” machines offer a host of unique benefits and advantages.  Let’s take a look at these marvels in a bit more detail in order to fully appreciate what they have to offer.

A Look at the Main Principles Behind a Smart Washing Machine

Besides offering highly detailed and accurate controls, the main intention of a smart washing machine is to enable you to access its functions from a remote location.  This is accomplished through the use of a dedicated mobile phone app.  This is a great option, for the machine can now be accessed while in the back yard or even when arriving home from a day at the office.  No longer will you load up the washer and leave the home only to remember some hours later that you had forgotten to turn it on.  Additionally, you can monitor the status of a cycle and plan your day accordingly.  Most applications can be downloaded in a matter of seconds.  The unit will then connect to your wireless Internet much like a laptop or a smartphone.  So, this system is extremely user friendly.

What Else Can Smart Washing Machines Do?

There is no doubt that a remote connection will certainly make our lives much easier.  Still, many users are able to enjoy a host of additional options and benefits.  For instance, you can manually adjust different stages within a cycle such as the rinsing or spinning time.  This is an excellent benefit when dealing with delicate fabrics or a specific clothing item.  You may be able to remotely pause a program when required and in the majority of cases, this very same smart technology will alert you in the event that the machine encounters a problem or requires regular maintenance.

The Phone-Free Edge

Some will be curious to know if these machines can be operated without the use of a smartphone app.  The good news is that they can just as easily be controlled manually.  This is also important to mention for those who may be using older mobile phone operating systems.

Additional Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, these machines are also highly efficient.  They will require much less energy to complete a cycle and most cycles are actually completed quicker than in the past.  So, you can return to your other daily tasks in no time at all.  The good news is that a growing number of manufacturers are now supplying these options to the general public.  Companies such as Samsung and Hoover have already taken center stage and more will likely come on board as the market for these machines increases.

A Truly Smart Move

There is no doubt that the price of the average smart washing machine is a bit higher when compared to a traditional unit.  However, this one-off cost will be offset by the energy savings that a household can experience over time.  They run quieter, clean faster and are much more economical in terms of lowering your carbon footprint.  If you have looking for a modern and streamlined solution in regards to common home appliances, a smart washing machine certainly warrants a closer examination.