Set-top Boxes

Set-top boxes are a popular choice for those who are purchasing a new TV or those who plan on upgrading their current equipment. Set-top boxes are devices that plug into television sets and give viewers access to a broader range of channels and have many other features to improve their viewing experience, such as the ability to record television shows and films onto the device’s hard drive and the option to pause live TV.


freeviewFollowing the UK switch over to digital TV a few years ago, many new televisions in the UK now come with Freeview tuners in them. This tuner gives them access to a variety of free-to-air channels. However, not all TVs come with Freeview and viewers who want to benefit from Freeview will have to purchase a Freeview box. In addition to standard Freeview boxes, there are Freeview boxes that are able to pick up HD and/or have additional features such as recording. As Freeview boxes are not exclusive to one manufacturer there are plenty of devices to choose from, meaning that you can find a Freeview box that suits your design preference and budget.


freesatFreesat works in a similar way to review in the respect that it gives viewers access to free-to-air channels. In order to receive Freesat, individuals need to have a satellite dish and a receiver. As Freesat uses the same satellite fleet as Sky, anyone who already has a satellite positioned to receive this service is also able to receive Freesat. Freesat receivers come in a number of different formats: viewers can choose between standard definition and high definition. In addition, viewers can also opt for a ‘+’ model which has extra features such as recording.

YouView Box

youviewLike Freeview and Freesat, YouView is a service that gives viewers access to free-to-air channels. However, what makes YouView different is that it has a number of additional capabilities such as access to catch-up TV and extra online services. In order to get YouView you will need to have a broadband connection and a set-top box. Some digital TV providers provide you with a YouView box for free when you subscribe to their services. However, if you do not want a digital subscription, you can purchase a YouView box by itself.