Samsung UE55F8000 Smart TV

Samsung UE55F8000 2

In 2013, Samsung launched the Samsung UE55F8000, which is one of the company’s best Smart TVs to date. Priced at £2,500, equipped with a number of innovative features and embodied in a premium design, the Samsung UE55F8000 is geared towards the high end of the television market.

The Samsung UE55F8000 sports an incredibly thin bezel, a metal finish and a sleek arc stand, a minimalist design that gives it an air of class and will make it a worthy centrepiece in any living room.  However, the Samsung UE55F8000 is certainly more than a pretty face as the TV’s Full HD Led display has a high 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution which delivers crisp, clear images every time.

As well as being able to watch 3D shows and films on the TV, Samsung’s device is also equipped with a 3D converter which can bring ordinary shows to life by converting the images to stunning 3D. There are glasses included in the box when you get the TV so you can start watching in 3D straight away.

However, as this is a Samsung Smart TV, the Samsung UE55F8000 is capable of so much more than your average TV. To begin with, Samsung have rethought how you can control your TV by creating a number of remote-free ways by which you can command the device. For example, you by saying ‘Hi TV’, users can control the TV with their voice. In addition, as the Smart TV has an inbuilt camera, it is possible to control the TV by using hand gestures. This game-changing innovation makes the problem of misplacing the remote a thing of the past!Samsung UE55F8000

If you are ever uncertain what to watch, Samsung’s Smart TV can make tailored suggestions according to the types of content that you usually view. This is a great way to help you get more out of your TV and discover new favourite shows and films.

Samsung has truly exceeded our expectations of what a TV can do as their leading Smart TV not only lets you watch TV, but gives you access to all of your favourite apps. You can even use your Samsung TV to make Skype calls from the comfort of your living room!