Samsung OLED Curved TV

Samsung have recently released their first OLED television: the Samsung OLED Curved TV. Samsung’s OLED Curved television offers unprecedented OLED visual quality as the organic OLED pixels produce richer images and a more authentic color palette. While other types of television screen, such as LCD screens, blur when displaying fast moving images, the Samsung OLED Curved TV is virtually blur free. This means you can watch your favorite sports without worrying about the quality being compromised. In addition, if you are watching an older film or a program without HD content, the Samsung OLED TV can improve your viewing experience by expanding the color range.

It is also possible to watch your favorite shows and films in 3D and the Samsung OLED Curved television comes with 2 sets of 3D glasses so you can start watching in 3D right away. In addition to watching 3D shows and films, the Samsung OLED Curved can convert 2D content into 3D so you’ll never run out of 3D content to watch!

Another one of the great features that the Samsung OLED Curved TV has to offer is its Eco Sensor. This clever sensor registers the brightness of the room and adjusts the brightness of the display accordingly. This makes the television even more efficient and comfortable to view.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Samsung OLED Curved is Multi View. This unique feature effectively makes the Samsung OLED Curved 2 TVs in one! Multi View allows two different full screen programs to be watched at once. You will need to wear the glasses, which have inbuilt earphones, to do this.


Dimensions  55.8 x 30.6 x 5.3 inches
Display 1920 x 1080
Screen Size 55 inches (54.6 diagonal)
Weight 60 lbs
Warranty 1 Year Parts & Labour
Accessories 4 lightweight 3D glasses
Samsung Smart Touch Control