Samsung Gear Fit

At the Mobile World Congress 2014 Samsung unveiled their new range of smartwatches which includes the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit. As the name of the watch suggests, this piece of wearable tech is designed to complement the lifestyles of fitness fanatics.


Unlike other Samsung Gear products, the Samsung Gear Fit has a wristband design. This choice of design coupled with the curved OLED screen makes it incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear—perfect for sports. Despite being so light, the Samsung Gear Fit has a solid and robust feel to it.

The design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but is incredibly practical too. Indeed, the watch is both water and dust resistant.

Those who love customising their wearable tech will be pleased to know that the wristband is easily changeable and there is a fantastic collection of colours to choose from.

Smartwatch Technology

As with other devices in the Gear range, if you the Samsung Gear Fit can pick up messages from your Samsung smartphone—very convenient when going for a run! However, do note that unlike its more expensive sibling the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2, it is not possible to make and receive calls on this device.

The Samsung Gear Fit is equipped with a pedometer and a heart monitor which allows you to keep track of your exercise and your health in general. In addition, the Samsung Gear Fit has a fitness coach application that can help keep you motivated when you are running, helping you push yourself just that little bit further and reach your fitness targets.

The Samsung Gear fit also has an excellent battery life as the watch can last between 3 and 5 days depending on how much you use the device.

Pricing and Release Date

Alongside the other new products in the Samsung Gear range, the Samsung Gear Fit will be released in April 2014. This smartwatch will also be significantly cheaper than the Samsung Gear 2 as it is expected to sell for around £165.