Samsung Galaxy S9

We are all well aware that Apple and Samsung have been rivals for some time.  Fresh on the heels of the Apple iPhone X in the latter portion of 2017, Samsung is now planning on raising the stakes with their release of the long-anticipated Galaxy S9.  Slated to be made public on 25 February, what can we expect and will fans of this brand be pleasantly surprised?  While all of this is still conjecture, the fact of the matter is that rumours are quickly evolving into facts.  Let’s take a quick look at what some of the experts are predicting.

A Revolutionary Phone or a Small Step Ahead?

Most tend to agree that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will not be intending to reinvent the wheel.  On the contrary, it will likely be a slight upgrade from the Galaxy S8 with a few special tweaks on the side.  However, we also need to keep in mind that rumours are suggesting the arrival of the larger (and more powerful S9 Plus) is also not far off.    As far as the expected price of the S9, we can only imagine that it will closely mirror the cost of the S8 when it was first released.  Having said this, it is likely to be close to 700 pounds (although once again, this is still debatable.).

Still, this price will include several nice upgrades when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S8.  Rumours seem to confirm that it will boast a screen size of 5.8 inches.  It will also employ QHD+ technology, so its overall resolution should likewise be impressive (although not overly extraordinary).  Also, it is predicted that the 18:5:9 aspect ratio will remain the same.  Super AMOLED technology and a curved bezel will also be present, as these were some of the primary features associated with its predecessor.  However, a water-resistant coating seems to be a nice improvement; providing the newer unit with a superior sense of durability and perfect for all-weather activities.

Camera and Storage Capacity

Besides these initial features, we should expect the Galaxy S9 to offer 4 gigabytes of RAM as well as a storage capacity of either 64 gigabytes or 128 gigabytes (with an upgrade).  There are two possibilities in terms of the purported processor.  These  are either the Exynos 9810 or the Snapdragon 845.  Both offer close to the same speed and power, so they should offer a seamless user experience.  One of the real improvements is thought to be in terms of camera resolution.  The front-facing camera will provide 8 megapixels while the rear will be equipped with an impressive 12 megapixels.  This should therefore satisfy customers who were less than satisfied with the cameras associated with the S8.

Finally, a rear fingerprint scanner and wireless charging capabilities are expected to round out the features associated with the Samsung Galaxy S9.  Of course, these and similar bells and whistles are merely rumours at this point.  We should anticipate additional information to be released as we approach the launch date in late February.