Samsung GALAXY S5 unveiling


The Samsung GALAXY S4, often just called the S4, was the Korean technology giant’s most successful smartphone to date. Indeed, in 2013 Samsung sold more than 10 million handsets in the first month of its launch, making it both Samsung’s and Android’s fastest selling smartphone ever. However, that was almost a year ago now and throughout the latter part of 2013, tech and smartphone enthusiasts have been speculating as to how the Samsung can top the success and innovation of the S4.

As always, there have been plenty of rumours surrounding the follow up to the S4, many of which are featured in our preliminary article on the S5. Popular rumours included that the S5 would feature a 16MP camera and be embodied in a more durable design.

However, we now have a true picture of what the S5 will be like as the phone was unveiled to at the Mobile World Congress earlier this week.

Smartphone Technology

Those who love taking photos will be pleased to know that the rumours were true—the S5 will feature a 16MP camera. While this is below the impressive standards offered by Nokia and Sony last year, 16MP makes the S5’s camera a formidable contender for other 2014 releases. In addition, Samsung have explained that the S5’s camera is significantly faster than its predecessor. Furthermore, Samsung have made considerable improvements in terms of video technology as the S5 is capable of taking 4K quality videos.


While there was talk of the S5 featuring an all-metal body, this is not the case. Samsung have stuck to their signature plastic body, but have made a number of tweaks to give the device a more premium feel. The S5 features the chrome trim seen on the popular Samsung GALAXY Note series and thankfully does not sport the shiny plastic back panel seen on the S4. Instead, the back panel is made of a more graspable plastic.

However, the S5’s design is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing as the handset is both waterproof and dustproof, keeping it up to date with Sony’s substantial developments in this area.

Apple were the first manufacturer to get a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner out on the market, the iPhone 5s, and Samsung have followed in suit. While Samsung’s fingerprint scanner offering is just as accurate as the scanner featured in the iPhone 5s, the S5 is unlocked by the user swiping their finger down from the screen to the home button.

Pricing and Release Date

The Samsung GALAXY S5 is set for release worldwide in April 2014 and will be priced sim-free at £550, placing it firmly in the upper section of the smartphone market.