Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung-galaxy-s4-2With excellent design coupled with innovative features, it is easy to see why the Samsung Galaxy S4 is Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone to date. While the phone is certainly not the most recent release from the Korean technology giant, it is still one of the most-coveted smartphones out there.

One of the great things about the phone is its screen. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a generous 5 inches, making it great for watching films on. In addition, the S4 uses the same AMOLED screen technology that features on the Samsung’s high-end range of televisions which enables it to deliver incredibly HD images. The S4 also has Smart Stay, an eye-tracking sensor that registers when you are looking at the screen and won’t dim down the backlight. Stay Smart also registers when you are not looking at the screen and will pause whatever you are watching so you won’t miss a second!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has loads of innovative features that set it apart from other high-end smartphones on the market. Smart Scroll is a clever feature that allows you to scroll through a web page or document by tilting your head, this allows for a more seamless reading experience. Air View develops on the technology used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and allows users to effectively ‘preview’ a message or web page by merely hovering their finger over the link. Similarly, Air Gesture allows users to control the phone without actually touching the device. By simply swiping your hand in front of the screen you can change the music you’re listening to and answer/reject a call. This feature is great when driving.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 also has a fantastic 13MP camera and a range of photography features, such as Drama Shot, which allows you to take perfect pictures every time. In addition, it is possible to take photos simultaneously with the main camera and the front-facing 2MP camera which you can then merge for a collage effect.

Inside, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 1.9 GHz quad-core processor and a generous 2GB of RAM, making it an incredibly speedy device. The handset is has a 16GB of on-board memory and a microSD slot, allowing you to expand the memory capacity up to 64GB—perfect for storing all your favourite music, apps and games!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is available in three colour choices: White Frost, Black Mist, Arctic Blue and is available sim-free for arou nd £369.