Samsung GALAXY Note 3

The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 has a large screen (5.7 inches) that is operated by using a stylus called S Pen. The design of the interface focuses around the S Pen. The stylus input method allows you to quickly jot down notes and ideas on the new S Note application. This application has a range of canvasses to choose from and a selection of pen colours and nibs. This application can also be synced to PCs or tablets so you can share you ideas.


In addition, the S Pen allows you to make use of the Samsung GALAXY Note 3′s Air View feature. This feature allow you to preview a message or a link by simply hovering the S Pen above it.

The S Pen also improves productivity as it allows you to multi-task using the Pen Window feature. By drawing a box using the S Pen you can create a new window on the screen where you can call up an additional application, such as your address book or browser.

The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 has a powerful camera that is complemented by an innovative scrapbook application. This means that it is even easier to organize and personalize the photos that you have captured on your smartphone! Using the pen you can select whole photos or circle specific elements of a photograph to include in you scrapbook. In addition, you can also add other media to your scrapbook such as news articles or online videos.

This smartphone is also voice activated, simply by waking up the phone with the key phrase ‘Hi, GALAXY!’ you can get the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 to perform an array of tasks, such as setting a timer, playing music or checking the weather. 

Unlike some of Samsung’s previous smartphones, the GALAXY Note 3 has a faux leather back panel, making feel like a leather-bound notebook. In addition, the Galaxy Note 3 is available in three colours:

  • Pink
  • Black
  • White

The Samsung GALAXY Note 3 runs on Android, an operating system developed by Google that is used on a range of smartphones and tablet devices. The popularity of Android operating system owes much to the fact that Android is designed specifically for devices with a touch display and the Android Market boasts around 975,000 apps. It is easy to see why a number of the top smartphone manufacturers are using this operating system!