Samsung GALAXY Mega


The Samsung GALAXY Mega uses the popular Android operating system and is the latest addition to Samsung’s flagship GALAXY series. The most striking feature of the Samsung GALAXY Mega is its 6.3 inch screen with Super Clear LCD. Although, at times the Samsung GALAXY Mega may a little large as a phone, it cannot be denied that this wide screen greatly improves your viewing experience when you’re watching a film.

Although, you may be worried about the practicality of using a 6.3 inch smartphone, Samsung have made every endeavour to ensure that it is comfortable to use. The smartphone is incredibly thin at just 0.31 inch, which means that it is not too cumbersome to take with you. In addition, as seen in the Samsung GALAXY Note I and the Samsung GALAXY Note II, the Samsung GALAXY Mega can be set to ‘one-hand operation mode’. This mode repositions the keypad and number pad to a chosen bottom corner of the screen and reduces the size of the keys in order to make it more practical.

It is a very clever smartphone with a number of useful features. Air View is a clever function that was introduced in Samsung’s GALAXY Note II and was operated by hovering the the smartphone’s stylus, the S Pen, over the screen. However, the feature has been considerably improved in Samsung GALAXY Mega as this smartphones allows you to preview emails, links and maximize files by just hovering your finger over the screen.  Similarly, Air Gesture allows you to answer calls or change your music by simply moving your hand above the device.

The Dual View feature makes the most out of the Samsung GALAXY Mega’s impressive 6.3 inch screen by allowing you to run two resizeable apps in Split view Mode and Multi Window Mode. This means that you can read your emails or browse social media feeds while catching up on you favourite TV shows.

The Samsung GALAXY Mega also has S Translator that can translate speech, text or use the optical reader to translate printed text. This makes it indispensable for anyone travellingabroad! Currently, the S Translator application supports the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Korean
  • German
  • Italian

The S voice feature allows you to give the Samsung GALAXY mega commands by using only your voice. These commands can include: opening an application, setting an alarm or even updating social media.

The Samsung GALAXY Mega runs on Android, an operating system developed by Google that is used on a range of smartphones and tablet devices. The popularity of Android operating system owes much to the fact that Android is designed specifically for devices with a touch display and the Android Market boasts around 975,000 apps. It is easy to see why a number of the top smartphone manufacturers are using this operating system!