Samsung Galaxy Gear 2

Last year Samsung launched their first piece of wearable tech, Samsung Galaxy Gear, and at MWC 2014 the technology giants announced their follow-up to the successful smartwatch: Samsung Galaxy Gear 2. Despite its rather uninventive name, Samsung have really upped their game with their next generation of smartwatch.


Those who felt that last year’s Galaxy Gear was a little cumbersome will be pleased to know that Samsung have managed to reduce the weight of their new watch to a mere 68g and the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 is just 10mm slim, making even more comfortable to wear.

As with regular wristwatches, Samsung has made the watch strap customisable and is even teaming up with designers to launch a range of watchstraps. This move both makes the watch more customisable and more comfortable.


Smartwatch Technology

Samsung have upgraded the Galaxy Gear’s operating system as the upcoming smartwatch runs on a new operating system that promotes faster processing and extended battery life.

Like it predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 sports a camera and a bright AMOLED screen making it very easy to read. However, unlike its predecessor, the new Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 has a wider choice of watch faces.

Samsung have packed a lot of fitness features in their upcoming smartwatch that will definitely appeal to those who hoping of getting into shape this 2014. Such fitness features include a

pedometer that can measure how fast you are walking, running, hiking or even cycling. In addition, after entering some basic information this helpful little application can tell you how many calories you’ve burned off so far. There is also a heart rate monitor preinstalled on the device.

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 works great alongside Samsung smartphones as you receive your notifications straight to your watch, making the device great for checking up on things while you’re on the go!

Pricing and Release Date

As of yet, Samsung have not released an official price. However, it has been rumoured that the new smartwatch will cost UK customers £299. This firmly keeps the device at the premium end of the wearable tech market. The Galaxy Gear 2 will be available worldwide from April 2014.