Reviewing the Asus Transformer 3


The Asus Transformer 3 is quite a bargain considering that it is priced cheaper than the Microsoft Surface Pro 4; its primary competitor.  This is likely due to the fact that Asus is considered to be a medium-tier brand within the industry.  Still, you will be pleasantly surprised at what this unit has in store and if you are searching for a cheaper (and yet similar) alternative to the Pro 4, you may have met your match.  What does the Asus Transformer 3 have in store?

Display and Design

You would not be wrong in mistaking the Transformer 3 for the Surface Pro 4.  Both are nearly identical in terms of their design and layout.  One notable departure is that the Transformer 3 has a screen size of 12.6 inches.  This is slightly larger than its major competitor.  A resolution of 2880×1920 pixels is also very impressive and the entire unit weighs a mere 795 grams. Although its dimensions are a bit wider than the Surface Pro 4, the Asus model is actually slimmer.  This is obviously a concern if you plan on travelling with the device on occasion.  Overall, the appearance is streamlined, functional and quite appealing to the eye.


Another major benefit over the Surface Pro 4 is that the keyboard is included within the overall price of the unit.  This can make a big difference for anyone who is not looking to spend extra money.  A glass trackpad and PU leather carrying case are likewise offered at no additional charge.  The keys are very responsive and are said to provide superior feedback when compared to low-pile versions.

Storage and Performance

The Asus Transformer 3 is equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor.  However, there are opportunities to upgrade to the faster i7 version if desired.  16 gigabytes of storage capacity are provided alongside with a somewhat standard 3 gigabytes of RAM.  However, this storage capacity can be upgraded to a massive 1 terabyte.  Not many other models offer such an option.  The main takeaway point here is that the Transformer 3 does not necessarily beat the specs of the Surface series by Microsoft.  It is simply that you are provided with an entry-level package that costs significantly less.  Using the Windows 10 OS (whether you like it or not), the battery life is said to be between 7 and 8 hours.  Although this is not overly impressive, this is seen as rather negligible when taking into account the other perks that are provided.

Let’s keep in mind that the Asus Transformer is still rather new to the market.  However, the early verdict is that it may indeed prove to be an interesting alternative to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4.  This is particularly the case if you wish to upgrade to the i7 Intel core for a better levels of performance.  Offering an eye-catching design and numerous other perks, most users will find exactly what it is that they are looking for.  Above all, price is a major concern.  At the time that this article was written, the Asus Transformer 3 was listed at £899 pounds.