PlayStation 4

The latest incarnation of Sony’s popular PlayStation, the PlayStation 4, is ten times fast than its predecessor and promises the best gaming experience yet. The PlayStation 4 is designed to provide a “frictionless and seamless” gaming experience. The latest console from Sony is said to focus purely on the gamer through its new PS4 system.

The updated system caters to game developers’ needs easing the game creation process and increasing content richness. In this way the most immersive gaming experiences are had with the PS4, playing the very best games available. The console benefits from improved graphics and speeds and offers many free features and entertainment apps. It encourages users to share their gaming experiences through the ability to broadcast game play across the gaming community as well as new and updated game interaction through its DualShock controllers.

Although not included with the PS4, the newly developed PlayStation camera is well worth including to your purchase as it enhances PS4 use by allowing for more intuitive gaming. The highly sensitive cameras personalise game play through player recognition, player differentiation, facial recognition and voice and body movement recognition. These and many other improved and innovative features, make sure the sleek and modernised PlayStation successor offers a gaming experience not to be missed.

Sony have recently released a software update for the the PS4 which makes it even better than before. This update allows players to share their gameplay with their friends via YouTube and has a new USB music player feature. In addition, the 2.0 software update allows for great personalization for a more custom gaming experience.