Philips 65PUS8901 TV Review


This television has been billed by Philips as the first in a series known as “AmbiLux”.  Offered in ultra-high definition, there is little left to the imagination in terms of picture quality, design and overall functional appeal.  In essence, the unit combines traditional viewing with the ability to accentuate the surrounding environment with ambient colours.  In the past, this would have been accomplished through the use of rear-facing LED strips.  These have now been swapped out for nine separate “Pico” projectors which match the colours on the screen; projecting them on the back wall in soft patterns.  Unfortunately, this design is currently only available in the United Kingdom and Europe.  Customers from the United States will have to be a bit patient.

Display and Clarity

A screen of no less than 65 inches enables this unit to be well-suited for larger rooms.  As it offers 4K resolution, the picture will be clear and sharp.  There is also an option known as Perfect Natural Motion which lessens a phenomenon known as horizontal panning judder.  Unique picture presets such as vivid, natural, personal and movie are all options which enable the user to adjust the tone and quality to his or her specifications.  One of the only disadvantages is that when the Perfect Natural Motion addendum is activated, graphical artefacts may occur; particularly during action-packed scenes or when watching sporting events.


Although this television is only 17 millimetres thick, it boasts a deceptively massive audio response.  There are a variety of sound presets designed for different viewing options such as when watching movies, games or sports.  As 30 watts of power are supplied by each of the two speakers, loudness is hardly an issue.  One interesting feature that Philips has added is known as an Incredible Sound pseudo-processor.  This is a fancy way of stating that even the audio output is considered to be “smart” and that the user can adjust the settings to his or her own preferences.  We should also mention here that the ambient light patterns mentioned earlier are integrated into the audio system.  This can truly create an interesting audio/visual “mood”.

Android TV and More

Much like many other 4K HD televisions, this model utilises an Android-based operating system.  Some of the applications include BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Gamefly and  16 total gigabytes of memory are meant to support numerous other downloads and the tech-savvy shopper will be happy to learn that various codecs such as AVI, WMV, MP3, WMA and QNAP are all supported.  Unfortunately, some users have found that there are a few firmware bugs still present; especially in terms of HDMI videos freezing and the main menu presenting some navigational issues.  It is yet to be seen whether these “bugs” can be worked out in the future with patches provided by either Philips or Android itself.

Ultimately, the Philips 65PUS8901 HDTV is a great alternative from traditional models and thanks to superior video quality and innovative mood lighting, the unit should prove to be quite popular.  Notwithstanding a few fixable bugs and slight video artefacts, consumers should have few complaints.