Pay As You Go Deals

Those who are reluctant to tie themselves into a long contract or use their mobile or smartphone sparingly may find it beneficial to buy a pay as you go phone. Using a debit card or purchasing an airtime voucher, a pay as you go phone allows to you to preload credit for texts, calls and data when you need it.

Provider Plan What You Get Price
Big Data & Texts £10 of Airtime, 3000 texts and 1GB Data £10
Big Talk £10 of Airtime, Unlimited Landline calls and 120 mobile to mobile minutes £10
£10 250 minutes, Unlimited texts, Free Giffgaff calls and 1GB of data £10
£15 500 minutes, Unlimited texts, Unlimited data and free Giffgaff calls. £15
Unlimited £10 credit, Unlimited O2 texts and 50MB data £10
Unlimited £15 credit, Unlimited O2 texts and 100MB data £15
Freebee minutes £10 credit and 150 minutes £10
Freebee Data 500MB data and £10 credit £10
All in One 10 100, minutes, 3000 texts and 500MB data £10
All in One 15 300 minutes, 3000 texts and Unlimited Data £15
Smartpack 10 100 minutes, 400 texts and 1GB data £10
Smartpack 15 200 minutes, 600 texts and 2GB data £15

The Benefits of Pay As You Go Phones

As mentioned in the introduction, there are a number of features that make pay as you phones very popular with users in the UK. Arguably, the most attractive feature of pay as you go phones it the freedom that they give you. As opposed to contract mobiles which bind you to a network provider for up to 2 years and may incur a hefty termination fee should you decide to end your contract early, pay as you go phones permit you to change your provider whenever you want. So, if a great pay as you go deal becomes available from another network, you are free to switch!

Another great thing about pay as you phones is that you can upgrade your mobile or smartphone whenever you want, you do not need to pay a contract off or have to keep paying for a phone you are no longer using. This is because you pay for the phone upfront with your first airtime voucher.

If you use your phone for the occasional call and text, a pay as you go phone will work out more economical for as you will not be paying every month for calls and texts that you do not use.

Things to look out for

When choosing a handset online it is important that you ascertain whether the handset is locked. A locked handset means that it will only work with a sim card from a certain provider. However, it is always possible to get the phone unlocked for a nominal fee is you should wish to change providers later on.

Take advantage of special bundles and offers. Some providers have bundle packages that give you more calls and texts for your money if you deposit a certain amount of money a month. In addition, some providers allow unused bundle calls and texts to rollover to the next month.

If you are someone who uses the internet regularly on your phone, you may find that getting internet on a pay as you go service may work out expensive. To overcome this dilemma, you could either take advantage of bundle pay as you go deals or make use of available Wi-Fi.