Panasonic TX-49DX600B Television Review


The Panasonic TX-49DX600B television is generally considered to be an entry-level HDTV system this is great for homes due to its impressive resolution and the ability to view the screen from multiple angles.  As its price is also quite amenable when compared to high-end models, this unit is also great for anyone who may be on a limited budget and yet still hopes to enjoy high-definition viewing pleasure.  There are also numerous “smart TV” options which can be utilised to download, record and play back various television programmes.  With an extremely user-friendly interface, it is quite simple to operate.  However, those who are true movie and sports aficionados may instead choose a model with a larger screen that boasts superior levels of clarity.


Panasonic has dubbed the appearance of this television a “Tailored Design”. A black bezel around the circumference of the screen is offset by a chrome pedestal that can be adjusted.  This is a pleasing contrast which can suite nearly every home decor.  The unit is 7 centimetres wide at its thickest point; not quite as streamlined or as lightweight as other 2016 models produced by Panasonic that are thought to be the top of the line.

Screen Size and Resolution

At 49 inches, the screen of this television is quite large; sufficient enough to be viewed from afar while up-close clarity is generally not sacrificed.  Many analysts believe that the screen and its functions share much in common with similar models produced by LG.  Bright colours and even shading are two characteristics that are quite pleasing to the eye; particularly when supplied with 4K videos.  As mentioned previously, this unit offers very wide viewing angles.  This is an ideal benefit when watching a programme with the entire family.  The only downside is that the screen can be slow to respond to action-packed scenes and this can result in a slight blurring.


The audio capabilities of this model is similar to those encountered with other middle-range televisions.  There are two speakers and each of these will supply a full 10 watts of power.  However, the true audiophile may choose to add a soundbar to capture the more pronounced high and lows.  In most cases, the sound should nonetheless be sufficient.

Smart Television

Finally, the Panasonic TX-49DX600 boasts a very well-rounded smart television system.  It has been designed to work with both Firefox and iOS systems, so the possibilities are nearly endless.  Some applications include Netflix, Amazon Instant Video 4K, recording and playback capabilities and YouTube 4K.

Summarily, this unit is an excellent mid-level option for families that hope to enjoy high-definition viewing on a limited budget.  While perhaps not as impressive as the top models of 2016, the TX series is indeed worthwhile in its own right.