Nokia Lumia 920

nokia-lumia-920Nokia Lumia 920 was Nokia’s flagship smartphone for 2013 and is the most feature-packed of Nokia’s mobile devices. As the phone is geared towards the high-end of the smartphone market, you can expect the Nokia Lumia 920 to have a price tag to match. Indeed, the phone costs around £450 sim-free. The phone has been selling incredibly well since its launch and we’re not surprised given the smartphones impressive spec.

In terms of design, the Nokia Lumia 920 is modelled largely on its predecessor, the Nokia Lumia 900, the only main differences being the width of the bottom bezel and the more generous screen size seen in the 920 model. The Nokia Lumia 920 has a sleek design as it is seamlessly made from a single piece of poly-carbonate plastic. The phone is available in a matte black version and an array of colour versions that are made from a more shiny material. The phone weighs 185g which makes it feel relatively robust.

In spite of its beauty, the unibody design means that the 2,000mAh battery in the device is non-removable. This will obviously prove a problem for those looking to upgrade the phone’s battery. In addition, probably owing to the design, there is no microSD slot. However, this should not be too much of a problem as the phone comes with a generous 32GB of storage and there are a number of cloud storage solutions available for those who don’t feel that 32GB will cover all of their storage needs.

The Nokia Lumia 920 supports an excellent HD screen with a respectable 332ppi screen resolution, which means that the colours are bright and clear and text on the screen is well-contrasted and crisp. The screen is also super-sensitive, which means that the phone can still be operated even while wearing gloves or false nails.

Like all Windows 8 devices, the Nokia Lumia 920’s home screen is made up of Live Tiles. These titles come in three sizes and are totally customisable, you can assign tiles to your frequent apps, favourite contacts or news feeds. This innovative design helps you make you phone both unique to you and useful.

While Windows’ range of apps is overshadowed by the likes of the Google and Apple, it is constantly growing. One of the great apps that you will find pre-installed in the Nokia Lumia 920 is the City Lens App. Using the viewfinder on your camera, this clever app points out all of the services in the local vicinity, making it a great way of discovering a new city or town!

The Nokia Lumia 920 has an excellent camera. The camera clocks in at just under 9MP and has a number of helpful photography features to help you take the perfect shot every time, even in poor lighting conditions!

In short: if you are looking for a high-end smartphone but do not fancy an iPhone or a Galaxy, you should definitely give the Nokia Lumia 920 a go.