Nikon D500 Camera Review


In terms of functionality in a small package, the Nikon D500 brings a number of benefits to the table.  Intended as an upgrade to the D300S, this variant is able to hold its own with industry leaders such as the Canon 7D MkII.  Excellent low-light capabilities and a respectable auto-focus system are some other amenities provided by this unit.  Some feel that this is the best camera for outdoor enthusiasts, as it is able to stand up to harsh weather conditions while producing some truly cutting-edge photographs.

Smaller, Lighter and Yet More Powerful

Amateurs and professionals alike will first notice that the D500 is noticeably smaller than the D300S and previous models.  This can be a welcome departure from full-framed variants such as the D810 and the D5 in terms of storage, handling and transportation.  Focal length is also a concern here, for this model has been developed with the needs of those who desire a DX sensor in mind.

However, it is worth pointing out that the D500 offers only 20.9 million pixels.  This is a notable departure from those models with a similar design which provide 24 million pixels.  The main purpose of a lower pixel count is to supply better capabilities during low-light situations.

Sports and Action Enthusiasts Will be Pleased

The main benefit in terms of performance can be seen in the EXPEED 5 CPU.  This enables the user to shoot a maximum of ten frames per second; nearly equivalent to the 12 frames offered by the D5 model.  As should be expected, the D500 also has the potential to record 4K movies in stunning clarity.  This is why many feel that the unit is a great choice for sports and action enthusiasts.  Once again mentioning the low-light capability, there are few situations which cannot be adequately addressed by this camera.  For the tech-savvy user, this unit also contains an RGB sensor of 180,000 pixels.  This adequately addresses both white balance as well as metering. The auto-focusing process is likewise enhanced; allowing for crisper shots in less time.  This can be crucial when trying to capture an action-packed event.

Video Modes

There are several options when shooting videos with the Nikon D500.  The most accurate is 4K HD (3840 x 2160 pixels).  Just under 30 minutes of video can be recorded at any given time.  Full HD capabilities as well as time-lapse shots are also possible and slow-motion recordings are possible while not sacrificing the clarity of 4K UHD images.

This Nikon D500 is a middle-range camera and due to its diminutive size, it could very well be the ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts and indeed anyone who hopes to enjoy the latest digital photographic technology.  Although a resolution of just over 20 megapixels is a bit disappointing, low-light capabilities and numerous video recording modes will offset this slight setback.