Nikon Cinema Cameras

While Nikon does not have a line-up of camcorders, they do have an excellent line up of DSLRs that combine superb still image capture with first-rate video recording. These Nikon DSLRs are perfect for journalists or professionals who want a versatile device that excels in both fields.

Nikon D4


The Nikon D4 is Nikon’s flagship DSLR and has a superior spec that is designed to push the limits of DSLR performance. Equipped with a superb FX-format CMOS image sensor and 51-point autofocus, the Nikon D4 is more than capable of producing photographs of the highest quality. By simply pressing a button, the D4 enters shooting mode, allowing you to record broadcast-quality Full HD video. Clever algorithms in the device smooth the video by reducing unwanted ‘jaggies’, allowing you to shoot clear and crisp video even in the most challenging of conditions. Multi-area mode is a new function that improves the artistic look of the video by applying shallow depth to nearby objects and deeper depth to images farther away.

Nikon D800


This body-only DSLR is designed for the multi-media photographer as the impressive 36.3MP sensor and 51-point autofocus provide unrivalled depth and clarity. The Nikon D800 is also a great device for shooting video as it allows you to record videos in stunning Full HD. Nikon state that they have designed the D800 with cinematographers in mind as the Nikon FX- and DX-based formats give them the opportunity to explore different perspectives. As well as delivering high-quality visuals, the D800 has impressive sound recording abilities as microphone sensitivity can be tweaked to perfection!

Nikon D600


Weighing a mere 760g, the Nikon D600 is the lightest FX- model that the company has ever produced. However, don’t let its apparent lightness fool you. The D600 is a sturdy device that is well-sealed and durable, protecting the delicate workings of the camera from dust and weather damage. The device sports a super-sensitive 24.3MP sensor and an EXPEED 3 processor which leads to both stunning pictures and awesome Full HD videos. The D600 has a number of useful tools that help reduce noise and ‘jaggies’ for smooth and professional final product.