New Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

This month, Korean tech giant Samsung has announced its latest range of tablets: The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 will available in a trio of sizes and, according to Samsung’s press release, the Tab 4 is geared towards the whole family and has a focus on sharing.


Samsung’s upcoming tablets will be available is a supersize 10.1 inch model, a 7 inch model and an 8 inch model. The design of the Tab 4 seems to draw its inspiration form the more premium Pro range as opposed to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. All models sport minimum bezel for a more immersive experience and the texture back-cover gives the devices a more premium feel and prevents the tablet from slipping out of your hand. In addition, in a bid to make the device even more portable, Samsung have made a conscientious effort to make the Tab 4 super-slim and lightweight.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 will be available in a black and a white model.

samsung tab 4

Tablet Technology

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 is powered by a respectable 1.2GHz quad-core processor and is supported by 1.5GB of RAM. Samsung’s upcoming tablets will have a screen resolution of 1280 x 800. While this is certainly not the best resolution out there, it is adequate for most uses. All three of the models come with a generous 16GB of memory and the 7 inch model also comes in 8GB, making the Tab 4 great for those who want a Samsung tablet without breaking the bank!

On the back of the Tab 4 you will find a 3MP camera, perfect for capturing casual photos when out and about. The Tab 4 also sports a 1.3MP front-facing camera which is great for video-calling and taking pictures.

As expected, the new tablets will be running on the latest and best version of Google’s operating system, Android 4.4. KitKat, straight out of the box.

All of the tablets will be available in 4G versions, perfect for those who want super-fast internet on their device!

Release date and Pricing

Samsung is yet to release an official price for the upcoming tablet trio. However, the mid-range specs of the Tab 4 suggest that the tablets will come with wallet-friendly price tags. The Tab 4 is set for global release Q2 2014.