Moto X

moto x

Motorola’s latest device is the Moto X, the first smartphone to ever be completely designed and built in the USA. While the phone has been exclusively available in the USA for a while, the Moto X will making its way across the Atlantic to the UK in 2014.

One of the Moto X’s most clever applications is its intelligent assistant, Google Now. You can activate Google Now by simply saying the code phrase ‘OK Google Now’ and then your command.  Google Now is capable of doing so much more than calling a contact or asking the time, it can perform a range of tasks including getting directions and checking the weather forecast. In addition, when you are driving the intelligent assistant reads your messages aloud and then sends back a message to the sender letting them know that you are unavailable.

In addition, the Moto X’s intelligent assistant is more versatile than ever as the Moto X’s Crystal Talk feature filters out background noise; this means that you are still able to make voice commands when you are in a noisy location.

The Moto X is equipped with an impressive 10 megapixel camera. The Moto X’s camera takes pictures quickly and collects more light so it can take great photos in the dark and bright lights. It also has a number of additional useful features such as panorama and photo burst. In addition, unlike other smartphones, you don’t need to scroll down your app menu to open up the camera application; the camera on the Moto X is quickly activated by simply twisting your wrist twice.

The Moto X runs on Android, an operating system developed by Google that is used on a range of smartphones and tablet devices. The popularity of Android operating system owes much to the fact that Android is designed specifically for devices with a touch display and the Android Market boasts around 975,000 apps. It is easy to see why a number of the top smartphone manufacturers are using this operating system!

While the US version of the Moto X which was released last year ran on Android Jelly Bean out of the box, the UK version will be running on Android KitKat as standard.