Mobile Broadband Deals

Mobile broadband, sometimes referred to as mobile internet, is a service that grants you internet access on your computer or laptop by plugging in a dongle. As opposed to Wi-Fi or cable internet, mobile internet uses the signal emitted form mobile towers to connect your device to the internet. As a result, many of the top providers of mobile broadband in the UK tend to be large mobile phone networks.

Provider Monthly Fee Length of Contract Data Allowance Download Speed
£10.21 18 Months 1GB 7.2Mb
£10.00 12 Months 1GB 7.2Mb
£10.21 1 Month 1GB 7.2Mb
£10.00 18 Months 1GB 7.2Mb
£13.00 24 Months 1GB 30Mb

The Advantages of Mobile Internet

Perhaps the most attractive feature of mobile broadband is that it gives you more freedom as you are not restricted to the length of a cable or Wi-Fi range. This means that you can access internet on your laptop wherever you are.
If you do not use the internet or a landline enough to justify taking out a broadband and landline contract, mobile broadband may be a more economical solution.

One of the other great things about mobile broadband is that it is relatively easy to set up. After purchasing a dongle and setting up a payment plan, all you have to do is plug the dongle straight into the device.

Things to Remember

When purchasing mobile broadband the first question that you will be faced with is whether you should opt for pay as you go mobile broadband or contract broadband. Pay as you go broadband is great for those who plan on using mobile internet occasionally. On the other hand, those that plan on using mobile broadband regularly may find it more cost-effective to take out a contract.

When comparing mobile broadband, be sure to find out whether the company will supply you with a dongle. In the case of contract mobile broadband, most providers will offer you a free mobile broadband dongle. However, those that want pay as you go broadband may have to pay for the dongle upfront.

Before you take out a contract, think about how much data you will need. In an ideal world, you want a deal that supplies you with just the right amount of data as you so not want to be paying for data that you will not use nor do you want an insufficient amount.