Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Review


For years, companies have been trying to find ways to turn a tablet into a true laptop.  Microsoft may very well have finally bridged this gap with the Surface Pro 4.  When compared with the Surface 3, this next generation offers a larger screen and a slimmer body; two very real concerns for any user.  Another great feature is that the Pro 4 has not completely revamped the Pro 3 design, but rather taken steps to enhance it.  This enables the user to experience a sense of familiarity as opposed to an entirely new product.  Let’s take a closer look.

Basic Design Features

The Surface Pro 3 was 9.1 millimetres thick.  This has now been lessened to 8.4 millimetres.  Although this may not seem like a lot, the fact that the Pro 4 weighs in at only 1.7 pounds (177 grams) without the keyboard cover should impress most users who are searching for a lightweight and portable device.  An adjustable height stand is another improvement, as some analysts felt that previous models could be a bit awkward to work with under certain circumstances.

The Pen

Tech-savvy followers believe that the attached pen is likewise an improvement when compared to previous versions.  It is able to provide an impressive 1,024 levels of pressure and numerous different tips.  Although this may seem a bit irrelevant to those looking to make a few quick notes, artists and graphic designers are sure to like these attributes.  Also, the pen can be used alongside numerous applications such as OneNote and Fresh Paint.  As it has a flat magnetic band along on side, it can be quickly attached to the main unit although it is a good idea to make certain from time to time that it has not fallen away.

The Screen

Bigger and better define the Pro 4 screen.  A 3:2 aspect ratio and a resolution of 2736×8124 pixels are an improvements from the previous resolution of 2160×1140.  As the dimensions are akin to an A4 size piece of paper, the unit is especially good for reading PDFs and other documents.  Such high resolution has been billed as “PixelSense” by Microsoft and even when reading black-and-white text, no pixels will be seen by the naked eye.

Performance and Battery Life

Three different processors are available.  These are the Intel Core i5, i7 or Core M processors.  8 gigabytes of RAM are supplied as standard.  So, the Pro 4 can handle multiple browsers, high-definition video and high-resolution images with ease.  The only perceivable complaint may be the battery life of the unit.  As it is able to run just over 6 hours, this is quite frustrating considering the other improvements which have been made.  Remote computing could therefore be a real issue for those out and about for the majority of their day.

All in all, the Surface Pro 4 is a steady improvement from its previous model.  The battery life and a somewhat hefty price of just under $900 dollars are the only two issues which can be considered slight drawbacks.