Microsoft Surface Pro

In attempt to revamp and update its flagship Windows tablet, Microsoft has unveiled their latest design the Surface Pro 2 featuring their newly updated Windows 8.1 system.

The new Windows 8.1 OS  has been developed by Microsoft to include a range of improvements including different sized tiles and new snap views as well as favourable Microsoft software such as Microsoft’s office suite. Although externally the Surface Pro 2 has maintained its predecessor’s design, Microsoft assure internally the necessary improvements have been made to create a device offering the portability of a tablet, yet when you wish the flexibility and power of a laptop through its attachable keyboard. Equipped with a new Core i5 Haswell processor the Surface Pro 2 is expected to be 20% faster than the original and have a 60% increased battery life, harbouring a display with enhanced graphics and 50% more colour accuracy.  Other attachable features of the Surface Pro 2 include a kickstand providing 2 viewing angles, a desktop dock with a range of connecting ports and the tablet’s very own pen in to boost user productivity levels and its efficiency as a device.


Users that purchase the Surface Pro 2 are enabled access to many Microsoft services such as the Microsoft Office Suite, Windows App Marketplace, one year’s worth of free Skype international calling and hotspot Wi-Fi and two years free 200GB SkyDrive storage.