MacBook Air

Apple has recently released the 6th generation of its MacBook Air ultra-portable laptop range, boasting improvements in its storage speed, battery life, wireless capabilities and graphical power.


The spectacularly thin and lightweight notebook, thanks to its flash storage, is equipped with multi-touch technology through its track pad and a back-lit keyboard that enables use if needed in low-lit conditions. The 2013 release maintains the style and design of its predecessor, yet includes a dual microphone system to reduce background noise when using Facetime or Video features in order to enhance your filming and recording experience. The MacBook Air remains as slick as ever offering users a speedier and more pleasant computing experience.

Unique to all Apple products is the ever-increasing content available from Apple. Both the iTunes Store and App Store have numerous apps, films, music, TV programmes and books ready to download for your entertainment. Unlike other mobile platforms, all of the available content is reviewed by Apple and guarded against malware, preventing any security risks or threats to your device.

Through Apple’s iCloud, backing up your content has never been easier. From your photos and music, to your contacts and calendars, the iCloud stores and backs up your data for you using your different devices. This feature as well as improving your security can ensure you keep up to date wherever you may go.