LG L90 Smartphone Coming Soon

t the Mobile World Conference 2014, LG unveiled the LG L III series. Unlike the G series, which includes the likes of the LG G2 Mini and the LG G Pro 2, which caters towards the top-end of the smartphone market, LG’s L series is geared towards the budget end. Of the trio of L Series III phones revealed at the MWC, the LG L90 is the most premium of these budget smartphones.


Like its two smaller siblings, the LG L90 has a rounded design with three navigation buttons just underneath the bottom of the screen. However, those who may have felt that the LG L40’s small screen was rather crowded will be pleased to hear that the LG L90 has a decent 4.7 inch display complete with an respect 960 x 540 pixel resolution.

As with most budget handsets, the LG L90 is made totally of plastic. However, the back panel of the smartphone is made from a texturized plastic in order to prevent the phone from slipping out of your hand.


One of the biggest attractions Of the LG L90 is that the device runs on the most recent edition of Google’s operating system, Android 4.4 KitKat straight out of the box. Like many other smartphone manufacturers, LG have put their own gloss on the OS in order to differentiate their products. LG’s user interface is clean and has a number of neat tricks. One of our favourite features is the Knockcode security system which is also available on their high end LG G2 mini. Instead of typing in a code, users of the LG L90 can unlock their phone by knocking a specific pattern.

Although a budget smartphone, it is great to see that LG have not dramatically cut back the power capabilities of the LG L90. Indeed, the phone runs on a 1.2Ghz quad-core processor and is complemented by a generous 1GB of RAM and a 2540 mAh. This means that the LG L90 is able to handle most tasks with no lag.

Unlike the LG L40, the LG L90 has an excellent 5MP camera at the back of the phone and a VGA quality front facing camera.

Pricing and Release Date

As of yet, no official prices for the LG L90 have been released. However, we do know from its superior spec that the LG L90 will be the most expensive of LG’s affordable range of phones. It is rumoured that the device will hitting the UK shelves sometime in the next couple of months.