LG L40: LG’s Budget Smartphone


While LG’s new LG G2 Mini caters towards the midrange and top end of the smartphone market, LG have not forgotten that the budget section of the smartphone market can prove incredibly lucrative. As a result, at the Mobile World Conference, the Korean technology giant’s unveiled their latest unveiled their upcoming budget smartphone: the LG L40.


The LG L40 is the cheapest model of in LG’s trio of third series L smartphones and as a result it is best not to expect too much from the device’s design. Indeed, the device is made entirely from plastic and has a 3.5 inch screen offering a meagre 320x 480 pixel screen resolution.

However, despite these relatively inferior materials, the LG L40 is not an ugly device. Unlike the premium G series phones which tend to sport LG’s innovative rear button technology, the LG L40 keeps it simple with a decent touchscreen and four pressure sensitive buttons on the front of the phone. While the device does feel light, it is important to highlight here that it definitely does not feel cheap. So while it is design is nothing innovative, it’s durable and easy to use.

In addition, as the device is relatively small, especially in comparison with the some of the phablet beasts that are set to hit the shelves this year, it is incredibly comfortable hold and the right size to fit into your pockets.


Smartphone Technology

One of the great things about the LG L40 is that it is already running on the latest version of Google’s popular Android operating software: Android 4.4 KitKat. Indeed, there are a number of relatively high-end smartphones being released this year that are still stuck in Jelly Bean. The phone also has a 1,700 mAh battery which, coupled with the device’s absence of juice-guzzling programs, should give the average user well over a day’s worth of power.

The LG L40 is equipped with a 3MP camera. While the camera quality isn’t going to be winning any awards, it’s suitable for occasional snaps. Unfortunately, there is no front-facing camera which means that this is not the phone for avid video-callers.

The smartphone comes with 4GB of on-board storage which is pretty standard for smartphones of this rank. However, the device does have a micro-SD slot, meaning that storage can be expanded by a further 32GB which is more than enough for most smartphone users.

Release Date and Pricing

The LG L40 set for release sometime this spring; exact dates have yet to be confirmed. On the whole, we think that the LG L40 is not for those who are after a smartphone with all the trimmings but for those who are new to smartphones or for those who are looking for something cheap yet superior to an average mobile. As a result, we’re expecting the device to have a pretty low price tag. The LG L40 set for release sometime this spring.