LG G Flex

LG Flex

Following the release of their curved OLED TVs, It has been common knowledge in the technology world that the South Korean technology giants, LG and Samsung, were in the process of designing curved smartphones for the mass market. Unfortunately for LG, Samsung beat LG them to the post when they announced theSamsung GALAXY Round, the first curved smartphone. However, LG were never too far behind as they have also created a curved smartphone, the LG G Flex, which will be entering the smartphone market this year.

After the discovery of some leaked photographs of the upcoming LG device, it has been confirmed that the G Flex will have a 6 inch OLED screen which curves from top to bottom. This differentiates it from the Samsung GALAXY Round which conversely curves left to right. It is stated that LG’s choice of curve will make the phone better fit the users face, making calls more comfortable.

In addition, the screen of the G Flex is said to be made of flexible plastic substrates as opposed to glass. By teaming up the plastic screen with unbreakable OLED technology, it will be harder than ever to break the LG G Flex’s screen. This makes it a must have for clumsy smartphone users!

While it has been rumoured that the LG G Flex will live up to its name and be flexible, it will in fact be inflexible like its Samsung rival. However, that is not to say flexible smartphones will not be a possibility in the future.

According to sources, LG will be releasing their first curved smartphone in November, just after the release of the heavily anticipated Google Nexus 5.