At the moment, LED displays are the most dominant technology in television screens. This mainly owes to the fact they are energy efficient and offer excellent viewing quality.

To produce white light, LED TV’s use LEDs (light emitting diodes). When choosing an LED TV you will find that there are two options available: LED TVs that are back-lit or LED TVs that are edge-lit. Edge-lit LED TVs are really thin so they are often popular for those who want to mount their new TV on the wall. While back-lit LED TVs are deeper, they have a higher dynamic contrast ratio; this means that this type of television is capable of display deep blacks and bright whites simultaneously.

One of the major advantages of choosing an LED TV is that these devices use less energy than other types of TV like plasma TVs and LCD TVs. In addition, as previously mentioned, edge-lit LED TVs can be incredibly thin and the back-lit model offer superior contrast ratios. Unfortunately, LED TVs tend to be more expensive than LCD TVs.


When choosing a new LED TV, Samsung is often a popular choice as they have a variety of TVs to suit every budget.

Top 3 Samsung LED TVs

  • Samsung LT19C300: 19”, HD Ready and Freeview
  • Samsung UE46F6500: 46”, 3D, Smart TV, Freeview and Freesat
  • Samsung UE75F8000: 75”, HD, 3D, Freeview and Freesat

Samsung LT19C300 Samsung UE46F6500 Samsung UE75F8000






LG are another great manufacturer of LED TVs and have display sizes from 19 inches up to 84 inches.

Top 3 LG LED TVs

  • LG 84LM960V: 84”, 4K Ultra HD, 3D, Smart TV and Freeview
  • LG 47LA620V: 47”, 3D, Smart TV and Freeview
  • LG 19MN43D: 19″, HD and Freeview

LG 84LM960VLG 47LA620V LG 19MN43D


After announcing that they will release no more plasma models for 2014, Panasonic has decided to concentrate on the more lucrative LED market.

Top 3 Panasonic LED TVs

  • Panasonic TX-L32B6B: 32”, HD Ready and Freeview
  • Panasonic TX-L42ET60B: 42”, 3D, Smart TV, HD and Freeview
  • Panasonic TX-L42FT60: 42”, HD, 3D, Smart TV and Freeview

Panasonic Viera TXP42ST60B  Panasonic TX-L32B6B   Panasonic TX-L42FT60